EFK Students in Groups

"Alex brought his marble run home because he felt it wasn't finished yet. Nick joined in and here is the end result. You plant the seeds and they keep growing long after the class is over..." -Carla F.

Test Marble Run

“A fantastic program that instilled a love of engineering in my child. It's definitely worth the money!” -Suzy K.

“I was impressed with how Naomi handled interpersonal conflict in my daughter’s team.” -Maureen K.

“Our son Cole really enjoyed making all the different projects each day and liked the instructors a lot! Thank you!” -Gabrielle B.

“Kiera had a blast! Was surprised how much she liked it.” -Amy O.

"Thank you for taking the time to help creativity flourish." - Mami A. 

"I was thrilled to see the excitement on my son's face at the Robot Olympics exhibition!" - Natalia R.