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Weekly Specials for the last week of Summer Camps at EFK

8/21/17 at our Midlothian Center, 11307 Polo Place and at CMoR Hull Street

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Promotion Code: WeeklySpecial40* will work with the following camps THROUGH THURSDAY, 8/16/17. Each camp $129! Big Savings!   (Last-minute enrollments will be charged at full price.)

(To be used on as many of these camps as you like. Just enter the code at checkout and the $40 will be deducted from each.)


9 am - 1 pm:  Engineering Olympiad (Grades 3 -8)  A host of engineering challenges for your young innovator.

1 pm - 4 pm:  Investigations In Engineering/Forensic Engineering (Grades 3 - 8) Eye scans, DNA sequencing, fingerprinting... CSI Midlothian!


9:30 am - 12:30 pm:  Scratch Coding:  MakeyMakey Musical Adventures (Grades K - 3). Coding for the younger set.

1 pm - 4 pm:  Hardware Engineering with MakeyMakey (Grades 3 - 8).  Make game controllers, dance dance revolution and more with some basics in electrical engineering and hardware engineering.  

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* Call us at 804-404-3355 or email rva@engineeringforkids.net for more details or to discuss pre- and after-care!

If you have questions, call us at 804-404-3355!

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Call 804-404-3355 or email us at rva@engineeringforkids.net if you have questions about camps or require pre- or after-care!

FAQs for August

Do you have full-day camps?

YES. Sign up for two half-day camps and you have a full day of S.T.E.M.! (Students bring their lunch).  

Will discounts be available up 'til summer camp?

Only when space allows.  We will offer weekly specials to boost enrollment.  Camps that are nearly full will be charged at the regular price---which is still a bargain at $169 for a half day camp.  (If you would like a full day, please call us at 804-404-3355 and we can talk about a $40 discount for the 2nd camp).  Sibling discount of 10% is applied at checkout.  

What if my child has an allergy?

Just send us an email (rva@engineeringforkids.net after you register so we can communicate to all the parents in your child's camp to let them know that peanuts (or whatever the allergy is) will NOT be allowed that week.  We keep extra snacks on hand in case someone forgets.  We're training our staff on the use of epipens. We take these things seriously!

Do you have pre- and after-care?

Yes, at our Midlo Center and at CMoR Central.  Call Keri to find out more at 804-404-3355.  

What's happening in the fall?

We're working on our schedule now!  We value your feedback.  Email us with your wants and needs!  We hope to unveil some new, exciting programs to keep your child engaged all year long.  rva@engineeringforkids.net

Summer Camp Schedules (at a glance) are below:


Our Midlothian Learning Center here

Children’s Museum of Richmond 

Downtown & Chesterfield here


Good Shepherd Episcopal School (4207 Forest Hill Ave.)

St. Catherine’s Brilliant Summer (6001 Grove Ave.)

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Spring Break Camp and CMORjpg

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at CMorR Central and CMoR Chesterfield


Jr. Environmental Engineering, Saturday Sampler S.T.E.M. at our Midlo Center

Engineering for Kids® RVA

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Spring Break and Summer Camps

MOBILE workshops in your School, Library, 

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We offer classes in electronic game design, robotics, and

all branches of engineering.  If it’s S.T.E.M., we have it!

Wings, Wheels & Sails Summer Camp for Jr. Explorers

"I had so much fun exploring new things with new friends!"

- Sam, rising 8th grader

Engineering for Kids® RVA

Location: 11307-D Polo Place, Midlothian, VA 23113

Phone Number: (804) 404-3355

Email Address: rva@engineeringforkids.net 

Keri Wormald, Center Manager

Mary Sanat, Education Specialist

Tasty Civil Engineering! Mobile Workshop, Charlottesville 2016