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Engineering For Kids of Atlanta Southwest Metro

We Make Engineering Fun!

At Engineering For Kids, our educators bring science, technology, engineering, and math to children ages 4 to 14 in a fun and challenging way. From designing and constructing rockets, hot air balloons, and roller coasters to learning about robotics, designing video games, and creating fun objects using LEGO® brand products, the variety of programming our kids’ classes offer is endless!

We make sure that there’s something for everyone, offering after-school, evening, and weekend classes, too. All Engineering For Kids events are held at schools and community centers throughout the Southwestern Atlanta Metro area.

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Programs We Offer

Whether you’re a school administrator looking for new classes to offer or a parent wanting to sign your child up for a camp we offer a wide range of programs!

We've Got Big Ideas

Engineering For Kids Complements Conventional Classroom Learning

How It Works

Subjects We Teach

At Engineering For Kids, our STEM educational enrichment classes provide a fun and engaging opportunity for students to explore and experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Engineering For Kids Mission

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students for a global economy by educating them on science, technology, engineering, and math. Our hands-on, interactive curriculum makes learning fun and exciting, all while adhering to National Standards for Science (NSES), Technology and Engineering (ITEEA), and Mathematics (NCTM).

Engineering classes for kids focus on the following areas:

  • Aerospace
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • LEGO® Robotics
  • Marine
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic Game Design

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Out of This World Reviews

  • "It's fun and educational, it provides opportunities to kids and teaches them about life."
    Jo P.
  • "It's like a playground for their mind! "
    Sang K.
  • "Engineering For Kids classes are so fun and you get to learn new things about engineering each day."
    -Kyleigh T.
Offering Programs Throughout Atlanta Southwest Metro

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  • Douglasville
  • Fairburn
  • Fayetteville
  • Lithia Springs
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  • Palmetto
  • Peachtree City
  • Riverdale
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