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Engineering For Kids - Notice Of Policy Update

We love sharing engineering with your kids and know that they have a lot of fun. The learning always comes secondary for us, because we know that if they are having fun, the learning will come along with it.

On a more serious note, we had some issues in some classes that have taken away from the learning of other students. In order to maintain a high quality program, we have a much more stringent behavior plan in place which we want to make you aware.

It will be tiered as follows within one day of class:

  • STRIKE 1 - 3 in class warnings to follow directions will be made to the student.
  • STRIKE 2 - Student will be pulled aside for a one on one discussion about their behavior. A warning that if we have to talk with them again, we will be talking to their parents and there could be a possibility of being removed from class.
  • STRIKE 3 - Discussion with parents after class with a warning that if the behavior continues they will need to be removed from class with no refund.

The same criteria will be upheld on the next day of class. If we reach STRIKE 3 again, they will need to be removed from class.

We really don't like to have to do this, since we care about all of the kids. We do need to keep control of the class and there are some that are not allowing us to do so. Please let us know if you have any comments or concerns. If there is something you can do to help us understand the unique needs of your kids, please let us know.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your kids at another fun and challenging session!

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Out of This World Reviews

  • "My kids are inspired to learn and be curious"

    - Shawnta