At Engineering For Kids of Central West Florida, we are very passionate and excited to be able to inspire the next generation of engineers by bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.), to children ages 4 to 14 in a FUN and CHALLENGING way through classes, summer camps, clubs and parties.  We offer programs in LEGO® Robotics, Electronic Game Design, Scratch, MinecraftEDU and in Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Marine, Hardware, Software, Mechanical engineering and more.  

At Engineering For Kids, our programs:

  • Help children build problem solving skills
  • Encourage children to discover how things work
  • Increase children's desire to explore engineering as a career option
  • Motivate children to learn math and science concepts by engaging them in real-world engineering problems.

  • Engineering For Kids will build and nurture your child's natural curiosity and love for building, taking things apart, and teaching them engineering concepts through hands-on learning. Engineering is, after all, one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and it is important for children interested in it to get a head start on concepts and ideas that could fall into their future interests and line of work. Kids are natural engineers!

    Hosting Engineering For Kids at Your School is EASY!Interested in Engineering For Kids or have an idea for where our classes can be offered in your area?

    Please contact us or your PTA/PTO, school/church/synagogue administrators, community, parks and recreation facilities if you are interested in having Engineering for Kids in your local school or center.

    Call us at (863)608-9633 or email us at centralwestfl@engineeringforkids.com for more information.