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John Coleman, Director and Owner

John Coleman, Ph.D. is director and owner of Engineering for Kids of San Diego. John remembers waking up early as a child to watch space launches and the excitement of the lunar landings. Those experiences led him to become a scientist. With nearly thirty years in science and technology, John is thrilled to instill that same excitement in the next generation of engineers and scientists and to help kids prepare for the ever-increasing competitive world fueled by technology.

John is joined by his wife Maroula, a systems engineer currently working on satellite communications. Maroula’s childhood curiosity for math and science led her to electrical engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, followed by a twenty year career in communications technologies. John and Maroula were drawn to the hands-on approach of Engineering for Kids because it teaches more than just technology, but also problem solving.

Courage to move forward into the unknown and a love of learning are skills for life!