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Little Thinkers On Big Learning Adventures

Children love to express and explore their creativity, but it can be difficult to find outlets that really engage their minds. We offer amazing after school activities and engineering classes for children who are always looking to build and create! Engineering For Kids of Folsom is comprised of a team that loves sharing the love of learning with tiny engineers of tomorrow.

When your child participates in our hands-on classes, they will build their self-confidence, critical thinking, teamwork skills, and appreciation for STEM principles that are so important for future careers. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the foundations of professionals that never go out of demand. Put your child on the path to success by engaging their mind now with our engineering classes. Just looking for fun? We offer activities for birthday parties, day camps, and more.

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Reaching for the Stars Can Be Fun!

STEM careers are in high demand and incredibly rewarding. However, traditional schooling hardly ever puts a focus on STEM. Filling this crucial gap in your child’s education is simple and fun with our Folsom kids’ engineering classes. Your child will love the creativity and engagement in our classes so much, they will not even realize they are learning new important skills, like critical thinking and detail-oriented work. With Engineering For Kids of Folsom, you can help support and form the future generation of great engineers!

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Programs We Offer

Whether you’re a school administrator looking for new classes to offer or a parent wanting to sign your child up for a camp we offer a wide range of programs!

We've Got Big Ideas

Engineering For Kids Complements Conventional Classroom Learning

How It Works

Subjects We Teach

At Engineering For Kids, our STEM educational enrichment classes provide a fun and engaging opportunity for students to explore and experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Building New Skills through Play-Based Learning

Aimed at kids between 4 and 14 years old, our talented educators in Folsom focus on motivating children to explore their environments. We’ve designed our curriculum to allow for plenty of building, testing, creating, and sharing, all while encouraging kids to have fun with whatever they set their minds to accomplish.

Here are some of the benefits your child will get from an Engineering For Kids program:

  • Making new friends and learning teamwork
  • Developing both social and cognitive skills
  • Gaining knowledge of STEM subjects
  • Creating new things and exploring their interests

By learning these skills, your child will gain the confidence to pursue their dreams. With the guidance of our expert educators, children discover that their big ideas can ultimately shape the future of our world.

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Out of This World Reviews

  • "It's fun and educational, it provides opportunities to kids and teaches them about life."
    Jo P.
  • "It's like a playground for their mind! "
    Sang K.
  • "Engineering For Kids classes are so fun and you get to learn new things about engineering each day."
    -Kyleigh T.
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