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Coding For Kids

Coding for Kids - Junior

Stage 1 - Learn to code through Scratch | Age 6+

Location: Tansley Woods Community Center or Burlington BG's

Let's code! This program is all about introducing programming to kids. Our instructor is aiming to expose young coders to different kinds of concepts and to engage creatives with magnet block language - Scratch. Each week, the instructor will encourage students to explore new logic in the programming with examples from the real world to consolidate the knowledge. Combined with at-home projects, kids will be able to program sprite movement, text display, and use variables and logic statements.

  • COD 101 Explore Scratch | Fall 2019
  • COD 102 Code Your Story | Winter 2020
  • COD 103 Video Sensing | Spring 2020

Coding for Kids - Junior Plus

Stage 2 - Explore Coding and Application | Age 8+

Location: Tansley Wood Community Center

Time to play! Kids explore the world of computer programming further through building their own games and toys. In the Scratch platform, students will learn mathematical and programming concepts that are used in the game and application programming. Combined with the physical circuit board, students will learn the application of multiple functions, variables, design of computer programs, and interaction of computer signals with the physical circuit board.

  • COD 201 Interactive Scratch | Fall 2019
  • COD 202 Programming Application | Winter 2020
  • COD 203 Real Game Programming | Spring 2020

Coding for Kids - Senior

Stage 3 - Text Coding Beginner and Development | Age 10+

Location: Tansley Woods Community Center

If you don't have text coding experience, no worries. This program is designed for aged 10+ to step into text coding when programming literacy is developed. Students start to do text-based coding on any youth-friendly interactive platform. Total 32 hours of in-class learning, combined with in-home projects that will teach students basic grammar of python, and be able to use python to write simple programs.

  • COD 321 Introduction to Python | Fall 2019
  • COD 322 Python Challenge-Chatbot | Winter 2020
  • COD 323 Python - Cyber Security | Spring 2020

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