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Engineering for Kids provides fun, hands-on engineering programs that excites and sparks children's imagination! Contact us to bring our program to you.

EXPLORE our wide-ranging curriculum!

Our programs allow students to explore all the different disciplines of engineering (aerospace, chemical, civil, environmental, and more) in a fun, supportive and hands-on environment. We believe that each and every engineering discipline offers something different and unique to explore! In addition, our programs use a wide variety of materials from plastic to paper to metal and so on, utilizing their properties as part of the engineering design process.

Our programs correlate to local and national STEM Standards

Our programs extend classroom learning by building upon concepts taught in class as well as introducing new concepts through aligning with widely accepted teaching standards including Common Core Math Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, National Science Education Standards, International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, and National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

Helping develop 21st century skills necessary for the future workplace

Our programs provide not only foundational engineering education, but also help develop problem solving skills, design and creative skills, teamwork and collaboration, and so much more. These are necessary life-long skills required to work and to lead in the 21st century.

Learn more about our program and see what our program has to offer!

From our programs at the Learning Center to an institution near you, we can customize our program to fit your needs. We have programs that work for school enrichment programs to special events ranging from singular workshops to 6, 8, 10-week or longer programs. Let us know what works for you!

Hosting an Engineering for Kids – King County program is EASY!

We do all the work from registration to clean-up. Our wide-ranging curriculum allows us to customize our program to fit your needs. Our staff will work with you to see which of our curriculum fits your objectives. We provide all the materials to teach the class and we’ll even produce flyers and handle registration if you require.

We have programs for:

  • Homeschool Groups
  • Scout Groups
  • Museums
  • Community Centers
  • Schools
  • Field Trips (In-Class / our Learning Center)
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Occasions