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  • Learn more from famous STEM experts via our STEM Heroes YouTube playlist. Click here
  • Check out our first animated video. Click Here
  • EFK was featured on SHAW TV - Click Here
  • Click here for a video about the Saskatoon Junior Achievement Company Program.
  • Click here for Economics for Success program video.
  • Click here for a video interview with Darren Hill, CEO of Junior Achievement of Saskatchewan.
Funding Assistance with Creative Kids

Need help with funding? Engineering for Kids is a service provider for Creative Kids. Click here for more information on how your can apply.

  • What is the SIEC? Do Grade 8 kids really sail their own cardboard boats? Can highschoolers sample future careers? Click here to find out more!
  • SIEC Cardboard Boat Racing - 13 days for Grade 8 students. Click here for the racers. Click here for one judge's perspective.
Junior Achievement
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Out of This World Reviews

  • "My son very much enjoyed the class!"

    - Tina C.
  • "My 9 year old son loved the course last night and wants to register"

    - Shannon D.
  • "My 10 year old son came home excited, happy, and announced how much he loved it."

    - Kim K.