Engineering For Kids of Halton


We offer Robotics, Coding, and Interactive Engineering for ages 7 to 14 years old for homeschooled students. The project-based and fun learning experience from our curriculums has been recognized by the community and certified by both and Cognia. Our homeschool programs provide multi-year continuous learning in STEM that is both fun and intriguing. The classes are offered during school hours by highly qualified instructors with inspiring projects.


To be prepared for robots that help our life!

The goal of robotics is to design fun and intelligent mini machines that can demonstrate STEM concepts and students' creative ideas. The Robotics curriculum draws on the achievement of information engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and so on. It involves the design, build, operation, and use of robot’s techniques through the LEGO robotics platform at three levels:

  • Discover Level: Hands-on interesting projects and simple robots using WeDo 2.0 Robotics
  • Explore Level: Learn basic mechanical and electrical concepts in robotics with certain complexity using Spike Prime Robotics
  • Challenge Level: Practice to competition level combined with programming using EV3 Robotics. Collaborative with Halton STEM Club for attending First Lego League Competition

Coding & Programming

To understand the technologies shaping the world!

Fun learning of coding classes teaches you how to achieve your idea for making animation, designing mobile apps, and playing your video games! Most importantly, your child will be able to practice computational thinking which shapes the world. Our experienced instructors in computer science can help your child explore the most popular programming languages.

  • Discover Level: Welcome to the coding! Zero anxiety to start block coding by Blockly or Scratch
  • Explore Level: Start from your ideas to design your game and figures by Game Design (Construct 3) or Python
  • Challenge Level: Join the team to code exciting projects with Mobile App Design, Python, JavaScript, Java, C++. Collaborative with Halton STEM Club for attending MIT App Inventor Competition, Game Jam, and other global opportunities.

Interactive Engineering

To empower yourself for the future!

Interactive Engineering curriculum immerses students in real-world applications from engineering principles with children friendly technologies and tools. The curriculum combines knowledge from Electrical/Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science to form system thinking. Students will gain a deeper understanding of both software and hardware.

  • Discover Level: Bring your coding programs to live with projects such as Traffic lights, Compass at Micro: Bit Make Code/Python
  • Explore Level: Expand the physical body of projects with ThinkCAD 3D design and print your product.
  • Challenge Level: Learn and program more advanced controllers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and then build the body with SketchUp 3D design. Collaborative with Halton STEM Club for summer camps such as Drone Programming

Contact our engineering educators online or call us at (647) 362-2636 to learn more about your local homeschool options!