Tech & Engineering Lab

Tech & Engineering Lab

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We are excited to introduce a new style of learning at our STEM Learning Center, in addition to our classes. We’ve converted both of our classrooms into an Engineering and Tech Lab, respectively. In our labs, we flip the model to empower each student to learn at their own pace while allowing them to explore the engineering fields that interest them the most. Students are now able to personalize their engineering learning. Both labs offer flexible schedule and are ideal for students 8 and up. For younger students, and beginners, we will continue to offer various introductory classes, as we have in the past.

How It Works

Engineering Lab: Students will have access to hundreds of hands-on projects covering 8 fields of engineering (aerospace, civil, chemical, electrical, environmental, industrial, marine and mechanical). All projects are divided into three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Your child will be able to pick a field of engineering that interests them most, then start their journey learning through fun hands-on projects. An experienced STEM coach will be available to guide them and assess their progress as they complete each project and learn new skills.

Technology Lab: Students will have access to laptops, tablets, 3D printers, VR headsets, robots and other tech tools to help them learn how to code and increase their technology literacy. From basic scratch block coding to advanced text code languages, your child will be able to create and progress according to their interests and ability. An experienced tech coach will be available to help and guide them through the curriculum of their choice.

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