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Video 1

Male reporter: Syleste checking out a cool engineering lesson for kids we are always saying to the kids “Hey be an engineer we could use you.” Female Reporter: Yeah! Hi Syleste. Syleste: Absolutely hey good morning you two good morning how cool is this? It is all hands-on type stuff we are at Makutu’s in the east valley right on Ray off of the I-10 freeway, we’ve been to birthday parties here lots of folks know where this is located. But come around this way you can probably see closer as to what they are doing. This is a tug-a-war these kids actually have built these robots and you can see they’re testing the whole process out. Syleste: Good Morning Ron. Ron Speaking: Good Morning. Syleste: So, you are with Engineering for kids and you guys do so many cool things with coding and electronics and tech. Ron Speaking: yeah defiantly we do a lot of hands on engineering pretty much if there’s a field of engineering out there we have a program for it and a lot of tech stuff like: 3D printing, robotics, game design, mind craft and things like that. Syleste: Lets walk to some of the other rooms because this is just one of them it’s kind of like the robotics room and, this one is the straw rockets that we see in here. Ron: Aerospace engineering. Syleste: Bring NASA back, please! Ron: Today they are doing an activity where they are building straw rockets and they launch it on that launcher over there in the corner of the room and they are trying to hit the target over there so, cool little activity to get the kids interest sparked in building things they’ll do some changing in designing in the rockets and things like that. Syleste: Okay very cool so let me ask you this what was your plan kind of going into this whole rocket building process. Kid 1: I was just thinking of making a triangle and then I would make this as 3 cones, so it could stand. Syleste: yeah, good plan what about you? Kid 2: I was kind of making it like an arrow shape almost to kind of make it glide through the air Syleste: yeah so that’s a straw, what’s on the end is that like play dough or what is that? Kid 2: I think its modeling clay. Syleste: Nice nice, so what is your plan from here on out are you just going to add some of those things to the bottom? Kid 2: Yeah pretty much. Syleste: yeah, what is your name? Kid 2: Aiden Syleste: and? Kid 1: Additio. Syleste speaking: Aww! Future leaders of America. Okay here we go let’s check out one of the other rooms this one is 3D Pens. Ron: Yes, so this is part of our 3D printing curriculum, but it is more hands on with 3D making so they use these pens and make 3D objects out of pens. It’s part of our 3D printing camp they also do CAT design in this camp, so they’ll create models on computers and then print them on our 3D printers. Syleste: okay cool so let’s hit up our last room so this one as you see on the door it says paper tower challenge! Ron: Yeah so this is a civil engineering challenge they have to build the tallest tower that holds the most amount of weight and um, so they are going to design their towers they’ll build them and then we test them to see how much weight they can hold. Syleste: okay so registration openings you can do all over the valley not just here in the east valley, but you were telling me downtown Phoenix and even on the website. Ron: that’s got all our locations all of our programs. We’ve got spring break coming up, summer camps all summer long, at all our locations. Syleste: that’s pretty sweet! Thank you so much Ron. Very good job with the Kiddos, and of course a lot of the folks know Makutu’s because of the play gym and stuff like that. But guys, this is so cool, you can bring your kids out they have all these different locations check out the website and your kids can get some hands-on experience with some of this cool tech stuff. Female reporter: I love it. Male reporter: look at that, stem you know you want your kids to make some dough. Female reporter: That’s the key. Male reporter: Lex is in engineering right now at UofA Thank you Syleste.

Video 2:

Male reporter: Corey is at Engineering camp and they decided to hold Engineering camp at a place with trampolines and stuff. Female reporter: I like it! I’m sure there is a connection. Cory: Well it’s a wide-open space and that’s what we need for what we are doing this week at Engineering for Kids it’s a great camp by the way, kids who loves engineering? Kids: Cheering Me. Corey: Yeah, they do, and it really is fun they make it fun and uh they really stretch themselves out. This is Harper, this is Hutson, and this is Akhil. Now since you are in the middle here Harper or Hutson rather tell me what’s your aim? You got a drone in your hand and so do your friends what are you going to try and do here? Hutson: So, we are each going to go to our sides and each one of us is going to try fly through our rings. Cory: Oh, your rings which ring are you going to try for? Hutson: I’m going to try to go for this blue one. Cory: Okay, very good how about you Akhil which ring is yours? Akhil and Cory: they yellow one over there. Cory: very good, and Harper? Harper: Mine is this one. Corey: This yellow one. Okay now before we set you guys off, I hope you’ve got some cool features on your drones like um fire shoot out of it. Akhil: No! Cory: Wouldn’t that make it a better drone, if it shot fire? Akhil: Yes! Cory: Yes, wouldn’t that be awesome? Or maybe you can hover above Harpers drone and then drop acid on it or something, wouldn’t that be awesome? Hutson: oh yeah. Cory: For now, we will just do the regular drones, you guys take your places and ah Zack Gray’s is with us as well. Remember you guys cheer for your favorites don’t be quiet about it you know you got a winner to cheer for. So, Zack tell me what this week is like for these kids and you guys start at any time we want to watch the action. Day 1 through the end of camp. Zack: Day 1 they start learning about the history of drone aviation on man’s flight and then they progress through the week and get more technological with it and then they really start automating them so then they just press a button and the things fly on their own. Cory: even when you were a kid this was not happening can you imagine that day? Zack: Not at all, it’s insane. I get to play with these for my job its incredible. Cory: it’s really fun. There we go. Nice work somebody went down out there. Now will all of these youngsters be able to operate the drones throughout the week? Zack: Oh yeah, yeah, we keep our group sizes nice and small and keep our instructor to student ratio low. So that way the kids get much of an opportunity to get to play with the cool tech and the things we offer. Cory: Very good, real quickly we will get together for another segment here in a moment. How do the moms and dads sign their kids up if they are watching at home? Zack: they go to Cory: Very good you know how it works get on your phones or any of your mobile devices and get your youngsters signed up its going to be a great summer for sure. Male reporter: Does it count Cory when it crashes after it goes through cause the first kid has got his through the blue one, does it count if it crashes or do you have to fly it all the way through? Cory: Ah no I believe you can pick it up if it crashes. Female reporter: ah almost, there there, there. Both reporters: cheering. Female: That was fun. Male reporter: We’ll be right back. Narrator: AZAM is back. Female reporter: Alright, Cory is spending the morning at Engineering camp. Male reporter: Yeah, we saw him flying drones. Female reporter: Yeah this looks like fun. Both reporter; Ahh! What is this flying kid? Cory: Well wave motorized this little girl and ah it seems to be working out pretty well. Cory: Here comes another one, look at this! They just launch themselves. Male Reporter: I want to do that. Cory: I know this is just the best. Zack Gray is still with us and I assume we are learning some cool lessons about physics and engineering with a ride like this, what are they experiencing here? Zack: So, we teach them all about things like G force air time and then it really ties into a lot of the curriculum we do like drones. Drones really give them a chance to learn about thrust as well and it’s really a way for them to apply what they are learning in a exciting and fun way. Cory: It really is cool, and we are here at urbane air and you tend to run your camps at places like this with wide open space, right? Zack: Yeah mhm, we are renting out 9 different locations, were renting out Main Event over at Avondale, were at Sky Zone at Peoria, were up at Scottsdale in Octane and Az Air Time were all over the place just check us out on our website there’s one close to you. Cory: Love that, and Dale Fidawha is with us, Dale I’ve never seen anything like what we are seeing right now what do you call this? Dale: Sky Rider Cory: Boy it really is true they do look like they are propelling themselves towards their own destiny but the whole thing is so fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like it. Dale: Yeah, we are not just trampolines, were a full size indoor adventure park. Cory: Well it really shows and boy this looks terrific we got a whole, what’s happening above our heads? Dale: It’s a rope course, it’s a you simply wonder your way though and track or climb your way through. Pretty good engineering for kids and they love it and engineer their way through it and we love partnering with them. Cory: If you’re not coming for the camp if you’re only coming for the day I know you have different level of attractions so to speak. What’s the cost going to be like for mom and dad? Dale: Were priced by attraction not by time, we are not time based you can spend all day. So, it starts off at basic trampolines at $13 dollars, then it goes up to $20 dollars for the next level which includes the preparatory warrior obstacle course. Cory: Which is what we are looking at now. And the next level is the aerial package which has the ropes, sky rider, and everything. Cory: Well thank you so much Dale. Zack one more time I know it all looks like fun and it absolutely is they are learning as they go, and I love how you guys are tying this kind of activity into your learning experience at camp. Once more how do moms and dads get in touch with you guys. Zack: They go to Cory: Very good, well carry on you guys and troy I want to get on that sky rider thing that was the best thing I’ve seen all summer I think. Male reporter: yeah, I was impressed by that and how you whip around. Female reporter: I’m impressed by that and you have like control. Cory: Look at this, it’s so great! Male reporter: I’ve never seen one of those. Female reporter: Neither have i. Cory: I can watch this all day long!

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