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Grow Your Child’s Curiosity with Our Afterschool Program!

Is your child always building, creating, and exploring? Do they love learning how things are made or how they work? Do they always ask you “Why?” At Engineering For Kids of Winnipeg, our afterschool engineering classes will help your child take their exploration to new heights. We provide a fun, supportive environment for them to try our hands-on projects. Your child will design and build their own creations, as well as discover important skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and self-confidence. At Engineering For Kids, we strive to help the next generation of engineers discover the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

We are proud to offer exciting extracurricular STEM experiences for children ages 4-14 at our partner schools, community and recreation centres here in Winnipeg . Our classes, camps and workshops give students engaging opportunities to experiment with their own hands to see the real-world uses of the concepts they learn in school. Each class is project based and centered around the Engineering Design Process, helping kids develop self-confidence, collaboration, problem-solving, and other 21st century skills that will prepare them for a successful future.

Educators: Please contact us to receive an information package of our no-cost to you programs.

Want to know more about our engineering classes for kids in Winnipeg? Contact our office at (204) 808-3019.


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Menu of topics

Junior Programs (Ages 4 - 7)

Aerospace Engineering

Thursdays, 5:00-5:45 pm
6 sessions, starting November 8

Linden Woods Community Centre
The Junior Aerospace Engineering classes introduce our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct airplanes, rockets, helicopters, and more.

Junior Programs (Ages 4 - 7)

Civil Engineering

Thursdays, 6:15-7:00 pm
6 sessions, starting November 8
Linden Woods Community Centre

Building a house to withstand the Big, Bad Wolf is where the fun begins in Junior Civil. This class is centered on exploring the concepts of building and construction through hands-on exploration and design. Students explore the engineering behind sky scrapers, bridges, roads, and more in this fun and engaging experience.

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Programs We Offer

Whether you’re a school administrator looking for new classes to offer or a parent wanting to sign your child up for a camp we offer a wide range of programs!

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Engineering For Kids Complements Conventional Classroom Learning

How It Works
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Subjects We Teach

At Engineering For Kids, our STEM educational enrichment classes provide a fun and engaging opportunity for students to explore and experience science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

What Kind Of Experience Can My Child Expect at the Engineering For Kids of Winnipeg programs?

In this day and age, we use technology in almost everything we do. What better way to get your child involved in STEM fields than by giving them a dedicated program to learn from? The next generation of engineers can be taught at a young age while having fun at the same time!

Your child can get involved in our:

  • After-school activities
  • Engineering camp
  • Engineering classes
  • Birthday parties
  • Canadian Guides events

We bring our Engineering For Kids programs anywhere! You can host a class or party in Winnipeg at a local school, community center, park, or other location. Our interactive, hands-on classes remain unsurpassed, in that there is no limit on location or learning!

Want more details on booking Engineering For Kids of Winnipeg for an event or registering your child for a class?Call (204) 808-3019 today!

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Out of This World Reviews

  • "It's fun and educational, it provides opportunities to kids and teaches them about life."
    Jo P.
  • "It's like a playground for their mind! "
    Sang K.
  • "Engineering For Kids classes are so fun and you get to learn new things about engineering each day."
    -Kyleigh T.
Offering Programs Throughout Winnipeg

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