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Parties at Engineering For Kids of Winnipeg

Hosting Action-Packed Enrichment Events!

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your child’s birthday truly special or you want to host a fun end-of-the-school-year party for his or her class, Engineering For Kids can help. Our educators have everything you need to throw the perfect party to celebrate a birthday or any occasion. We can entertain your guests with fun, hands-on activities that are sure to be a hit!

Why Choose Us for Your Next Party?

Hosting an enrichment-filled party is a great way for your child to:
  • Engage in social activities
  • Have a great time while developing new interests
  • Recognize the fun of learning
  • Build self-esteem

Feel free to call or fill out our online contact form and inquire about the packages and themes we have to offer!

Have a Blast with EFK's Birthday Parties!

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Engineering For Kids® parties will entertain your guests with hands-on engineering projects! Invite your friends for a fun, action packed party that is sure to thrill all who attend!

Create Your Perfect Engineering Themed Birthday Party With EFK Winnipeg!

Party Packages

Step 1: Choose your location.
  • Host a party in your Community Centre or Recreation centre (eg. bowling alley, indoor playground, etc.)
Step 2: Choose your date/time and select a party theme and 60 minute activity from the options below.
  • MinecraftEDU: Kids will explore the world of Minecraft Redstone - Let the Fun begin! (Maximum - 14 kids)
  • LEGO® Robotics Gear Up- Party guests will build a robot and battle against their friends in SUMOBOTS.
  • Junior LEGO® Robotics - Kids build wild animals using Lego, sensors and motors. Hungry Alligator, Roaring Lion, Drumming Monkey and more!
  • Blimps - Kids will build and test their own airborne blimps, they explore the principles of buoyancy to create a neutrally buoyant blimp.
  • Bottle Rockets -Children will learn how simple air pressure can jettison a rocket more than one hundred feet in the air.
  • Baker’s Delight + Secret Ink- Party guests will use a secret ink to write a message for the birthday girl or boy that will be revealed at the end of the party. As we wait for the secret message to unfold, kids will make their own ice cream.
  • Marble Run - Kids use their creativity to design and build a track to guide their marble to the finish line.
  • Wind Turbine -Children will learn how to transform wind energy into electricity by building their own wind turbine.
  • Blast Off Rocket - Design model rockets using a straw, clay, and paper fins and test the design of their rocket using a pneumatic launching device.
Step 3: Choose your birthday party package from the options below.

Isaac Newton Party Package (60 min) $275

  • One 60 minute Engineering Activity for up to 10 children ($10/additional child)
  • One or two staff members to run the Engineering activity
  • Engineering for Kids T-shirt for the birthday boy or girl

Thomas Edison Party Package (90 min) $325

Includes the Isaac Newton Party Package for up to 10 children ($12/additional child), plus:

  • One 30 minute add-on activity

Albert Einstein Party Package (120 min) $400

Includes the Thomas Edison Party Package for up to 10 children ($15/additional child), plus:

  • A second 30 minute add-on activity
Step 4: Choose 30 minute add-on activities (if applicable)

Please contact us for more information.

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Contact us to reserve your date today! (204) 808-3019 or fill out our contact form.

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Out of This World Reviews

  • "My son had a great time!"

    - Andrew
  • "The first group didn't want to leave after the hour was up!"

    - School division continuing education
  • "Thank you for the class, my son loved it!"

    - Parent