5 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Space

Publish on March 6, 2024
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The topic of space is as vast and endless as the universe itself. As it is one of the most interesting subjects to learn about, it can also be one of the most daunting and technically challenging topics in the world. However, this level of technical difficulty shouldn’t discourage children from getting excited about space. It should be encouraged in the younger generation!

Learning about space is easy. Even with such an axiomatic subject, you are still able to nurture a love for studying it in your children. To get you started, here are 4 ways to get your child excited about space.

1. Take Them to the Planetarium

One of the best places to get your child excited about space is, of course, the planetarium. The planetarium is filled to the brim with all sorts of cool educational games and machines that teach your children about space and the science around it.

A day trip to the planetarium might spark a newfound passion for space in your children as they get to get first-hand experience with how a telescope looks, how rocket petroleum is made, how a rocket functions, and so on.

Oftentimes, there would also be live science shows held by the staff at the planetarium to demonstrate incredible experiments that will wow your children. The best part is, that many of these experiments can also be recreated at home and can serve as a creative outlet and educational foundation for your children.

2. Invest in a Telescope and a Tent

Camping is the ultimate go-to for bonding time with your children. However, it can also serve as a highly educational trip that would make your children ponder upon the stars. By investing in a telescope and a tent, you can bring your children out to a nice camping session where you can build a fireplace together, enjoy some s’mores and explore the stars with the telescope.

A safe but dimly-lit location is the best place to catch a great glimpse of the stars. Going for a camping trip might not only be a very fond memory that will last for decades but also nurture a love for space for both you and your child.

3. Watch Interactive and Fun Movies or Videos About Space

Learning about space can be incredibly fun but also equally as confusing. There are many advanced technical terms and knowledge that children might not understand and may find too difficult to pursue. However, when it is explained in ways that are easy to understand, your child will have a greater desire to pursue the knowledge.

YouTube channels such as Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, Bright Side, and Tech Space educate viewers about the wonders of the Universe in very entertaining, light-hearted, and easy-to-understand videos. Kurzgesagt particularly stands out as the channel focuses on many space-related topics that are not conventionally taught in schools. The videos are attractively animated and it resembles watching a cartoon on TV, except it is completely educational and backed by science.

If YouTube isn’t the best fit for your household, consider stocking up on movies or TV shows that are space-themed to nurture your child’s new interest.

4. Learn About Space Yourself, and Share Your Cool Finds With Them

Your child loves to hear interesting bits of information from you. They are hungry for knowledge, and at a young age, their brains act like sponges absorbing anything you share with them. You can use this to your advantage to encourage your child to get excited about space.

In your downtime, you could look up interesting information about space, and if you find something very cool, share it with your children and have a discussion about it. There are many cool things you can share, for example, did you know Uranus and Neptune are complete bodies of ice? They’re like giant floating ice cubes the size of planets! Another cool fact you could share is that the Sun is actually a small star, and there are far bigger stars in the Universe, the largest one being over 10000x the size of the Sun, that’s like comparing a rice grain with a car!

This is barely the surface of interesting space facts, do some digging and even you might find yourself getting excited about space!

5. Attend a Space Camp

With spring, winter, and summer breaks, or even after school, there are tons of camps and classes for kids focusing on space. For example, at Engineering For Kids, students can explore topics like Aerospace Engineering and even learn and explore how rovers on Mars work.

There are technology-based lessons where students can design and create their own space station within Minecraft, or hands-on engineering programs where students assume the role of Mechanical Engineers to solve problems that may arise in space.

By sending your child to a camp around a topic they’re interested in, you can put them around like-minded students who share the same interests as them!

Learning About the Future of Mankind

The next step in human evolution is for mankind to be able to freely traverse space. Getting excited about space means getting excited about the future of mankind. By encouraging and nurturing a passion for space studies in your children, you are helping them set themselves up for the future.

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