A Force for Good? The Positive Effects of Technology on Children’s Education

Publish on December 23, 2022
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The Positive Effects of Technology on Children’s Education

Much has been written about the impact of technology on kids. However, the focus is usually on the negative effect too much tech time can have.

The truth is that technology itself is neutral – it is neither good nor bad. Rather, how we use devices and what we use them for lends itself to the negative and positive effects of technology. Usually, we are attempting to shield kids from screens. Instead, we should focus on helping them become savvy screen users.

Statistics show that most kids aged eight and up spend 4-6 hours on a screen daily. That number increases as they hit their teen years. The average screen time for teens is 9 hours a day.

But that does not mean that screen time cannot be a force for good. Parents and teachers alike can use technology in a positive way as an educational tool. Children can learn to use technology to better themselves and society.

For example, educational videos can help children better understand a topic. Technology and coding classes, such as those at Engineering for Kids, allow children to learn valuable skills. With these uses, kids can increase their knowledge and prepare for their future.

Technology is Important in Education

Why Technology is Important in Education

Today’s classroom has become much more engaging, which is why technology is important in education. This is even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic. Educators found creative and innovative ways to connect with students and help them learn.

Many in and outside the education industry may wonder “why is educational technology important?”. The answer is that technology as an educational tool can expand a child’s world. For example, take virtual reality. Students can tour natural wonders of the world, art galleries around the globe, or even go back in time. It can enhance the learning process and help more students grasp the material.

Benefits of Tech for Children’s Education:

Using technology to teach can be a powerful tool in many ways, such as


Students do not all learn the same way. Some learn best from a textbook, while others need more hands-on experience to build their understanding. Educational technology has the ability to engage kids with different learning styles.

Some ways of doing this include –

  • showing videos about topics or concepts
  • using virtual reality to immerse students in an experience
  • using online games to reinforce the learning of facts.

Technology’s ability to bring lessons to life is a major positive effect.

Benefits of Tech for Children’s Education:

Real-world preparation

We live in a digital world. Helping students understand technology prepares them for future careers, including jobs that do not exist yet. From software to collaborative tools like video calls, kids should learn it all. Practicing using technology can ensure they will have the skills needed to be successful in the future.

Soft skills

Technology can also enhance soft skill development. Depending on how it’s used, it can help children develop stronger communication skills, teamwork and leadership, and even emotional intelligence.


Your child can access vast amounts of information online with the click of a button. The good news is that when it comes to researching for school projects, the sky is the limit. Moreover, it can provide kids with access to learning possibilities. Online courses or educational videos are two such examples.

We should encourage kids to use online resources in a positive way. They can also build a strong understanding of digital responsibility. Then they can come to understand how to be a good digital citizen.

Real-world preparation

Learn While Having Fun with Educational Technology

Today’s kids spend a lot of time on technology. Screen time and devices are often seen as negatively influencing children. However, they can be a source of positive effects of technology and fun!

Teachers and parents may ponder “why is educational technology important?”. Technology can advance the educational experience for children in a variety of ways:

Learning to code

Understanding how to use computers and different computing languages is a valuable skill. It allows students to develop solutions to problems and make lives easier. This includes coding software and building robots. Coding and technology programs make use of educational tools made for teaching kids. They can learn about:

  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • Game-based coding
  • Programming a robot
  • Video game design


Video games can also be educational in the right setting. Minecraft can help students understand and appreciate architecture and urban design. Esports can be instructive and fun. Kids can develop their teamwork, analytical, strategic, and soft skills. They will also advance their technology and leadership skills.

Learn While Having Fun with Educational Technology


It sounds similar to gaming, but gamification is somewhat different. It is when you add game elements to non-game contexts, such as using points or awarding medals. In the classroom, combining playing and learning can enhance instruction. For example, consider online trivia games. They help students test and master facts, including mathematics, history, and more.

Educational content

Education technology extends beyond computers and tablets. It can include television shows, videos, and even movies. Kids can spend more time watching educational shows, including documentaries. Or, they can watch online videos that offer instructions, such as learning to code. Kids can also engage in educational experiences such as virtual reality tours of historic places. You can see why technology is so important in education!

Technology and Coding Classes for Kids

Kids today need to have an in-depth understanding of technology, no matter what industry they want to work in. From healthcare to construction, tech tools are becoming a part of every trade and career. That’s why it’s important to help your children build these skills now. This way, they can be successful wherever they go and whatever they do. Coding classes for kids are an exciting way to introduce them to this world!

Technology and Coding Classes for Kids

STEM programs and workshops help set kids up for the future. There are subjects for all interests – robotics, Minecraft, and even learning how to code. Supporting a positive use of technology will help students learn so much more.

At Engineering for Kids, we have designed a variety of STEM classes, workshops, and camps. They all engage and challenge kids in a fun way!

Find out more about what we offer and our locations. Let us help you unlock the positive effects of technology on children.

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