EFK at Home STEM Learning [VIDEOS]

Publish on April 25, 2020
Free Activities

For experiments you can do from the comfort of your own home, we’ve got you covered!

Germ Fighting Experiment

What better way to pass the time indoors than with a fun (and timely) science experiment?! Your kids will learn about the importance of washing their hands today and every day.

The pepper in the water symbolizes all the germs you may possibly come into contact with. Before washing your hands, you’ll notice the pepper (germs) stick to your finger. But, if you use soap on your hands, and then place your finger in the water, the pepper dispersed and you don’t get any (germs) on your finger!

Water Polarity Experiment

Have any balloons lying around? Grab one and head to your faucet to bend water in this fun water polarity experiment!

First, rub the balloon on your hair to generate some static electricity. Then bring that balloon near running water and watch what happens!

“Rubber” Egg Experiment

All you need is an egg, a cup, and vinegar to get started.

When you cover an egg with vinegar and leave it overnight, observe the new “rubber” texture it has the next day — consider repeating the experiment for different lengths of time and share your results with us!

Edible Water Bottle Experiment

If you have some spare Sodium Alginate and Calcium Lactate lying around (we ordered ours off Amazon), make edible water bottles in this molecular gastronomy experiment!

Did you know, gourmet chefs use this process to create some fun and unique dishes?

Jar of Clouds

Clouds look like they weigh a little more than a bit of cotton, but they’re heavier than they look. ⁣Your average cumulus (fair weather) cloud can weigh more than a million pounds, and a vivacious thunderstorm can pack billions (if not trillions) of pounds of water in one tiny part of the sky. ⁣But, all of that weight seems effortlessly suspended in the air!

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