Engineering For Kids Australia to Host National Robotics Competition

Publish on September 19, 2022
EFK Australia to Host National Robotics Competition

Engineering for Kids Australia is breaking records, winning top prizes, and inspiring the next generation of engineers! This Sunday, September 25th 2022, EFK will hold the WRO Australian National Competition. Students will compete by engineering robotics to accomplish complex tasks.

In this competition, kids up to age 11 must design and program a robot to overcome a real-life challenge. And each year, the WRO, or World Robotic Olympiad, competitions have a different theme. For example, one year the children had to solve the problem of forest fires. They had to build a robot capable of fighting fires and rescuing those in danger.

The kids have been preparing for this competition for many weeks. They must put tons of time and effort into designing, testing, and improving their robots. They also face obstacles along the way. For instance, if something goes wrong in the design process, they have to start from scratch.

But the children love the challenge and fun that comes with programming robotics. So they continue to prepare with enthusiasm. The combination of their hard work and talented minds creates impressive functional robotics. And the event will be an exciting demonstration of brains, talent, and hard work.

In addition, EFK Australia will hold the VEX Western Australia State Competition in November 2022. This competition will include ages 8-14. And it will also be an impressive show of skill, teamwork, and creativity.

Get to Know EFK Australia

Engineering for Kids offers a wide range of STEM programs for children. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In EFK programs, kids learn about STEM with fun, hands-on activities. And at EFK Australia, they have taken the robotics program to the next level!

Engineering for Kids Australia has accomplished so much in the past few years. Under the guidance of director Dr. Dandan Ma, the kids have gained top places in many state, national and international robotics competitions. Including #1 in the VEX robotics national championship. Which then qualified them for the VEX robotics world championship.

But programming robots is not the only obstacle these young engineers face. They also face financial obstacles as they take the STEM and robotics world by storm.

Interest in STEM is growing in Australia. But, since it is just beginning to gain traction, support is also in its early stages. In the past few years, many kids at EFK WA have qualified for the worldwide competition. But for some, the cost of getting to and taking part in the contest hurt their chances to compete.

This year, five EFK WA teams qualified for the worldwide competition in May. But finances again proved to be an obstacle for the talented kids. It just wasn’t possible with the flight tickets, hotel, and competition entry price. Unfortunately, only two teams were able to compete in the worldwide competition in the US.

Support would go a long way to help these young engineers’ talents shine and make us proud in Australia! After all, these brilliant young minds will play a vital part in our community’s future. So let’s support the kids and show the world our brightest minds from Western Australia!

Robotics Programs for Kids

Many parents wonder how they can get their children involved in robotics. After all, what educational subject has the same magnetism robotics has? The kind that makes a child give up their free time to work on. Or the kind that makes their face light up as they watch their robot come to life.

Engineering for Kids programs foster a lifelong love of STEM and robotics. They allow children to learn while having fun. And the thrill of robotics and STEM programs never fails to engage and inspire children. Contact us today for more information and to find a program near you.

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