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Publish on November 19, 2021
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The winners of the Global Minecraft Competition have been announced!

Minecraft has always been one of the biggest games in the world. For many of us, it holds a special place in our hearts. It isn’t just a game, but a powerful tool to build knowledge and creativity.

In the spirit of nurturing creativity, Engineering For Kids recently held a Global Minecraft Competition for kids all around the world to show their chops. Needless to say, the entries were beyond incredible and the judges had a hard time picking the winners. After a long time of deciding, they’ve finally announced the 20 entries that stood out the most. Amongst those 20 entries, there were 2 that really knocked it out of the park!

Here are the winners and a few notable mentions:

Kids Global Minecraft

Coming in Number 1 is Green City By 15-year old Daniel Ygnatius Martinez Palma from Mexico!

Green City is a fantastic metropolis that boasts a wide network of public transportation. From railways and elevators to a network of teleporters that take you to key points of the wonderful city. One of the highlights of Green City is that it is home to one of the oldest subways in the country. Which still runs perfectly to this day!

Green City is also the main base for the national hydroelectric plants which supplies the whole city and its surroundings with a self-sustainable and efficient source of electricity. Not stopping there, Daniel has also incorporated various educational institutions around the city, a multilevel recycling plant to reduce wastage, along with high-tech farming facilities to ensure continuous food supplies.

Towering above the metropolis are high-rise apartments that allow visitors to truly grasp the beauty and the vastness of Green City. Each of these high-rise apartments is powered by the latest solar panels to ensure that each building is eco-friendly and generates clean energy. These high-rise apartments are accompanied by skyscrapers that function as contaminant-free factories that offer citizens a wide plethora of employment opportunities.

As the icing on the cake, Green City has a fully functional infrastructure, equipped with hospitals, cafes, restaurants, parking areas, community gardens and even a supermarket!

In the wise words of Daniel himself, “Green City is a completely independent, futuristic and environmentally-friendly city. Green City is where the good life begins.”

Green City By 15-year old Daniel Ygnatius Martinez Palma

Coming in Number 2 is White Highgrounds by 10-year old James Tan from Malaysia!

White Highgrounds is a dreamlike utopia with the charm of Manhattan. Upon first landing, even with the sheer size of the city, it is still incredibly easy to find your way around due to different waypoints being marked by different colors. The city is brightly lit with streetlights and the roads are reminiscent of the ones in real life.

According to the mastermind James himself, the city is powered by solar panels that absorb and store light, and will only run out after eons later. These solar panels can be found in the city square and decorated by a flying globe of Earth.

Around the city center, there is a library that is also contributing to the city as the roofs are made of the same solar panels in the city center. Directly opposite the library is a park and wildlife resort with natural ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, and sorts of flora and fauna.

Only scratching the surface of the White Highgrounds, it is a fully operational metropolis that also boasts a living, breathing infrastructure, with equipment shops, potion shops, restaurants, and much more.

Of course, there are many many more winners for the other categories, here are some of the honorable mentions!

Appetizing Restaurant

Most Appetizing Restaurant

Vegetarian City was created by 7-year old Ana Paolo Huerta Espinoza from Mexico. The city features a quaint little restaurant with a homely kitchen, with a cozy lounge and decorated with complimentary cakes.

Underneath Vegetarian City lies underwater rails powered by Redstone and coal that carry the citizens across the metropolis. With lush vegetation above sea levels, the metropolis not only boasts great cuisine, underwater travel, but also a great view above the surface!

Panda Friendly City

Most Panda Friendly City

7-year old Hugo Bosco Osorio Mackay is the creator of the small but bustling My City. The citizens are mostly pandas who love riding on the minecart and the boat.

Pandas everywhere, as far as the eye can see. In the house. On top of the crops. Behind the screen. Pandas everywhere!

Impressive Use Of Pistons

Most Impressive Use Of Pistons

Turtletopia is a unique utopia created by 8-year old Eduardo Meneghini Ladeira. The wide cityscape features a solid infrastructure and a multiway speed rail that is manipulated through various uses of pistons.

This little Einstein surely knows his way with the Redstone and the multiple ways each piston interacts is an amazing ingenuity!

Green And Sustainable City Of The Future

Most Green And Sustainable City Of The Future

12-year old Sara Amelia is the girl with the green thumb, and the mastermind behind the eco-friendly city, Eco Farm Park. The city features a giant park that meshes modern-day architecture and a thick jungle to create a unique utopia for nature lovers everywhere.

Elaborate City Subway System

Most Elaborate City Subway System

Subway City was created by Enrico de Tulio Galea, and features a humongous metropolis that is reminiscent of New York City. With the size of the city, Enrico focused on the transportation systems and created elaborate underground subway systems that can lead passengers to hotspots within the city.

While these are just a few of the stand-out submissions we received, we were so impressed by all the submissions to this year’s competition. Take a look at all of the winners from this year’s competition and view their view walkthroughs! If you missed out on this year, be sure to tune in to an Engineering For Kids location next year to see how you can participate in our next challenge.

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