Engineering for Kids Parties

Publish on April 12, 2013

Engineering For Kids parties will entertain your guests with hands-on engineering projects! Invite your friends for a fun, action packed party that is sure to thrill all who attend!

“Thank You for the opportunity to have Kurt’s birthday party at Engineering for Kids. Kurt had a great time and I think all of the kids in attendance did as well. I have to tell you it was the easiest party I have ever had for Kurt.”
Mother of Kurt (10 years old)

“I just wanted to let you know that Hunter’s party was a great success. Michael and Josh were fantastic. They really engaged the kids and it was refreshing to meet two such smart, friendly young gentlemen. Keep up the good work. I have some great photos if you need some!”
Mother of Hunter (8 years old)

Build your perfect Birthday Party (parties and options may vary by location)

1. Choose your location

We can come to you or suggest a location

2. Choose your date and time

3. Choose the 60-90 minute Engineering Activity


  • LEGO® Robotics Party – Your child and their party guests will get to program robots to perform in a robotics challenge. Kids will not get to keep the robots at the end of this party.
  • Blast Off Rocket Party – Kids will each get to design and build their own straw rocket and learn about Newton’s Third Law of Motion in the process. Rockets will be launched from our special launching pad. Kids will get to keep their rocket at the end of the party.
  • Levitron Party – Kids discover how Magnetic Levitation trains work by making their own that they get to race and keep at the end of the party.

4. Choose an optional 30-minute add-on


  • “Make your own” Ice Cream Activity, Play Dough Activity, or Building Roller Coasters Activity

5. Choose optional party extras


  • Slime Party Favors, Goody Bag Favors, Cupcakes, Engineering for Kids t-shirt, Pizza, Juice Boxes, and Paper Products

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