Kid Invention Ideas

Publish on May 13, 2019
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Kid Invention Ideas

Young inventors have surprised us for decades, showing us that it doesn’t take a lot of life experience to have a great idea.

Take, for example, Braille.

Braille is named after Louis Braille who lost his sight at 3 years old. Inspired by military cryptography, this young teenager modified and invented a new code specifically for the blind — now known as the Braille language. Decades later, teens continue to revolutionize the Braille language. Like 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee who invented a low-cost Braille printer using LEGOs!

With all the toys, appliances, and gadgets found in your own home, you too may have a kid inventor on your hands. So why not spend a day with your kids tinkering and building the next best idea?

Whether your kid inventor is looking to change the world or simply explore a different way to feed Fido dinner, we’ve rounded up some inventions we’ve found across the web as inspiration:

Rube Goldberg Machine for feeding Fido:

SunMuffs, created by kid inventor Reagan, to keep your ears warm in the winter while also wearing sunglasses:

Or the EZ Baby Saver, created by fifth-grader Andrew Pelham with household items: rubber bands and duct tape. By attaching to the driver’s seat of the car and interior door handle, when trying to exit the vehicle parents would be immediately reminded to check the back seat.

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*This blog has been updated May 2020*

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