What Exactly Are Coders and Programmers? What Do They Do?

Publish on February 5, 2024
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Coders and Programmers

Most of the time, movies and games portray programmers and coders as hackers. They sit in a dark corner, with random green numbers floating around their computer screen. In the movies, they press a few buttons on the keyboard and say, “I’m in!”

But that’s as much representation as programmers get in the media these days, which is far from the truth.

There is so much more to the life of coding and programming than that. Programmers are one of the most important keys to our society. Without programmers and coders, we wouldn’t be able to live comfortably like we do today.

Let us explain how and why.

Programmers and Coders Speak Different Languages

1. Programmers and Coders Speak Different Languages

The most exciting thing about programmers and coders is that they speak multiple languages. However, it isn’t your typical language, like English, Spanish or French, which you use to communicate with each other. Instead, they “speak” a coding language.

Coding languages such as Java, HTML, Python, and JavaScript are languages that programmers use to create their code. In a sense, you could say they’re speaking a robot language that computers can understand. Learning these languages tells the computer to do specific tasks through a program.

Each coding language has its own syntax and rules, much like spoken languages. Learning these languages allows programmers to instruct computers to perform specific tasks through a program.

By mastering these languages, coders can develop everything from simple websites to complex software applications, making them the architects of the digital world.

2. Programmers and Coders Create and Innovate Technology

Programmers and coders also create new technology by speaking and working with computers. For example, the creators of AirBnB were a couple of programmers who liked to travel a lot. Sometimes, they found it hard to find a hotel or would find dirty homestays or owners who made them feel uneasy. They thought it would be great if people could rent a room for a while, at the quick press of a button, anytime and anywhere. So they coded AirBnB, which is an app that does exactly that.

Another similar success story is Uber. The app’s creator found it difficult to find taxis around his area, and it was double the hassle when he had to wait for one to come by and frantically hail for them in hopes they saw him. He thought that the world would be a better place if people could call a taxi at the press of a button, anytime, anywhere, and voila, through innovative coding, Uber was invented to realize his ideas.

The point is that programmers and coders can solve many world problems by devising solutions through coding. They can program a computer or an app to solve issues as they identify them.

Programmers and Coders Innovate Technology

3. So Much Around Us Is Created from Code

It is hard to imagine how much code goes on daily. We don’t see it, but we are surrounded by it. Apart from the typical examples, such as computers and apps, many other things require coding. For example, vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trains, boats and many others require coding. In modern vehicles, you could step on the gas, and without proper coding, the car wouldn’t move. In this case, each vehicle has a “brain” that receives its directions from codes.

Every piece of media we absorb, be it Netflix, or YouTube, or even our favorite games such as Minecraft, is only possible through coding. As long as it’s an application, it is built mainly on coding.

In fact, coding can run even deeper than that. Without programmers or coders, society would slowly fall. Why? Because everything that has to do with infrastructure is also based on code. Without coding, banks wouldn’t function, parents wouldn’t be able to work, your housing electricity wouldn’t work right, you might not get clear water, and much more.

In essence, coding is an integral part of our daily lives, and programmers who can contribute to making the world a better place are highly in demand. Programmers are so influential worldwide that it is one of the highest-paying jobs! When you have the power to change the world at your fingertips, it goes without saying that the whole world will be looking for you to help!

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