Why Should You Bring a STEM Extracurricular Program to Your School?

Publish on December 16, 2021
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Science and mathematics are not always everyone’s favorite subjects in schools. However, oftentimes these subjects aren’t presented in a way that is interesting and fun for students. Solely taught in the classroom, behind closed doors. Through such a method, many students are turned off by these subjects. Partially because of the difficult technicalities of it, but mostly because of how it is shrouded in a misconception where “it has no real-life value. Only important for grades in school.”

However, you can easily change this outlook, and even nurture true passion and love for STEM in students, just by providing them with an outlet for their creativity, such as a STEM extracurricular program. Here are some of the benefits it’ll bring you, and your students.

STEM is the future of this world.

The modern world is built upon science, technology, engineering, mathematics and even medicine. Advancements in these fields have been the frontrunners in improving the quality of life for everyone. As STEM continues to advance, so does our society.

By implementing STEM extracurricular programs, you are encouraging the students to actively learn about and participate in building the future. A school that offers these amazing opportunities to students is one that truly cares for the betterment of each of their students’ futures, and also for the development of a brighter future.

This knowledge will benefit students throughout their lives.

STEM is a type of knowledge that helps students build character. This is because it consists of axiomatic subjects with real answers about the world around them. The more aware and well-versed a student is in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the more aware they will be about their environment.

Students with a STEM mentality are able to think outside the box and look at matters from a very logical and calculative perspective. These personality traits that are inherent in STEM-focused students will continue to grow and manifest as they grow older, providing lifelong value for them.

As such, learning about STEM at an early age from extracurricular programs would highly encourage students to build a strong and intelligent mindset. This will also help them develop strong personalities to secure a successful future for themselves.

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It helps students boost their grades.

In any part of the world, science, mathematics and technology are compulsory subjects in schools. Some students have an adverse reaction to these subjects as it is seen as “only needed for school.” One of the most common cases of misconceptions by students for example, is that maths is not important in the real world.

However, with a STEM extracurricular program, you are giving the students an option to learn it outside of a classroom environment. Usually, extracurricular activities also touch upon supplementary but interesting information that is not taught inside the classroom. They provide hands-on, fun experiences that aren’t always presented in textbooks and worksheets.

By engaging with students and teaching them about STEM applications outside the classroom in a fun way, you are not only able to build up their knowledge and intelligence on the topic, but also encourage them to build true interest in it, which brings us to our next point…

Nurtures true passion in the future leaders of today.

Having a STEM extracurricular program in your school helps to directly nurture your student’s passion in the topics. With each of these programs, there is a chance that you ignite a hidden flame in one of the student’s hearts, and compel them to read and research more about it on their own.

If your STEM extracurricular program also offers competitions and opportunities at scholarships, you are further encouraging your students to go the distance. As the student’s passion is ignited, and you give them an outlet for their creativity, along with a reward for their hard work; you might be the turning point and the main reason they become the next person to improve the world that we live in tomorrow.

Bring It Outside The Classroom, Nurture The Passion

STEM subjects are some of the most interesting subjects in school, however, the way it is currently taught might turn off many students. Instead of teaching it in a way they find it boring, incorporating STEM as extracurricular programs outside the classroom would bring life to the subjects, and even show students the fun side of it.

Through a simple change in approach, you are able to not only nurture true passion for STEM in students, you are also able to give them golden opportunities for them to make the most successful future for themselves as possible.

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