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  • Inventions We're Thankful For

    Inventions We're Thankful For
    We're thankful for many things here at EFK — our team, our amazing students, our new Cognia Certification , to name a few. But we wouldn't be where we are today, without some help from those who came ...
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  • Celebrating National STEM (& STEAM) Day

    Celebrating National STEM (& STEAM) Day
    What is National STEM/STEAM Day? One of our most favorite days of the year is here — National STEM/STEAM Day! Held each year on November 8, STEM/STEAM Day is dedicated to all things science, ...
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  • 3 STEM Education Myths

    3 STEM Education Myths
    Many people believe that you need to be an analytical thinker to take interest and succeed in STEM education, and those who are creative thinkers will struggle with the subject matter. The truth is, ...
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