Kid Invention Ideas

Kid Invention Ideas

The clock is running out on our Invent Your Summer Contest and we have one question for you: have you submitted your child’s invention yet?

If you haven’t, there’s still time. And if you’re not sure what to submit, we’ve got you covered. Consider a recent school project your child is most proud of or a sketch of an idea they’re hoping one day will come to life — they sky’s the limit!

Once you have the invention ready, upload a photo or video to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Then click on the designated social icon in the widget below and follow the prompts!

Invent Your Summer Contest

For even more inspiration, we’ve rounded up some inventions we’ve found across the web. GOOD LUCK!

Rube Goldberg Machine for feeding Fido:

SunMuffs, created by kid inventor Reagan, to keep your ears warm in the winter while also wearing sunglasses:

Or the EZ Baby Saver, created by fifth-grader Andrew Pelham with household items: rubber bands and duct tape. By attaching to the driver’s seat of the car and interior door handle, when trying to exit the vehicle parents would be immediately reminded to check the back seat.

Full contest terms and conditions can be found here.