Why Every Kid Must Learn to Code

Publish on September 8, 2021
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To the average person, coding may just be a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, or lines of incoherent texts. There is some truth to that, since coding is a language on its own, and we wouldn’t be able to understand a language we don’t speak.

The language is difficult to grasp, but it is one of the most essential needs in today’s society and infrastructure. Learning to code gives kids an opportunity to understand the language that will continuously shape the way people live their lives.

But, that’s not all. Aside from the plethora of opportunities coding opens for kids, it also benefits them in many other ways. In fact, here are some examples of why every kid must learn to code.

1. Coding Helps Kids Improve Grades

Coding is incredibly axiomatic and involves the use of maths, writing, applied science, and out-of-the-box thinking.

When kids learn to code, they will be taught to visualize abstract concepts which allow them to apply math to their daily lives. These concepts also require kids to understand the value of planning and how to think ahead.

It’s also scientifically proven that kids absorb information like a sponge, especially through personal experience and experimentation. Coding allows for a lot of trial and error for a vision to come to reality. When given such an opportunity, kids will gain a lot of insight and skills that will carry on far into their bright futures.

As kids learn about coding and explore the opportunities, they will be doing things that are considered much more advanced to their syllabus. The best part of all is that, unlike a boring syllabus to follow, most kids actually have fun coding when they start grasping the concepts!

When they’re coding for a passion, the school syllabus would be much easier for them compared to their peers, especially in terms of maths, science and writing.

2. Coding Builds Soft Skills

Apart from the in-demand coding skills that provide kids with a bright future, learning to code also allows kids to build a few essential soft skills that are highly valuable to any employer. Soft skills such as communication, organization, discipline, determination and innovative decision making.

Complicated codes require a high level of attention to detail and perfectionism to successfully run. As kids start to write more complicated codes, they will inadvertently develop a sharper mind for details and organization.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, coding requires a lot of trial and error before success. When kids are able to successfully run a few of their own codes, that means they’ve spent hours trying to problem solve and fix it. Coding helps kids become more determined to see things to completion, fix any problems on the way and be incredibly persevering in their tasks.

As codes require logical communication in order to function, kids who understand how to code will naturally be stronger at both verbal and written communication skills. In fact, learning to code is basically learning a new language, which is why professionals refer to it as “coding language”.

3. The Global Demand For Coders Will Continuously Increase

Most careers today require you to have a fundamental level of computer literacy. You’ll at least need to know how emails and PowerPoint presentations work, which is a far cry from 20 years ago.

20 years later, the demand for computer literacy will be even higher, with professional coders taking up one of the highest pay wages. That is because as technology progresses and businesses move online, coders are required to build websites, new apps and features, etc, to help companies maintain and improve their online presence.

In fact, computer jobs are growing at over twice the national average, and rather than just because coding is fun, it is now slowly becoming an essential skill set. Thus, coding experts and programmers are highly paid individuals that are becoming increasingly sought after as society further progresses into a technologically advanced future.

4. Kids Who Code Will Shape The Future of Humanity

The world is changing faster than we can even imagine. Every day, hundreds and thousands of new websites are created and applications and tools are being built to make our lives easier.

For example, a few years ago, there was no such thing as online shopping. Now, it is one of the biggest industries in the world, all due to an innovative website. When it came to food, we either had to make a phone call for delivery or pick it up ourselves. In a few short years, we can choose any food from anywhere and get it delivered to us at the press of a button.

Our lives are constantly becoming easier and our quality of living becomes better with the advancement of technology. It should be known that coding is the backbone of all of these innovations.

It’s impossible to predict what other world-changing innovations will be invented, however, we can be sure it will be created by a coder. By letting your kids learn to code, they might be the future inventor of something that will change the world forever!

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