4 Signs Your Child Might Excel in a Career in STEM

Publish on March 3, 2022
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STEM is one of the most important yet noble and difficult career paths in the world. The industry consistently works to provide a better quality of life for everyone and to push for humanity to usher in new ages of technology.

An individual who excels in a career in STEM is an innovator of the future, a builder of a better world, and a true contributor to mankind. They are successful in many aspects of their life.

You want the best for your children and might be wondering if they will be a person in this role in the future. Well, here are some early signs your children will display that might be signs of an excellent career in STEM.

1. Your child displays an incredible sense of spatial thinking.

Does your child like to play with building blocks? Are they on the computer playing Minecraft a lot? If they are able to conceptualize ideas and build them into reality, they have an incredible sense of spatial thinking. This ability to visualize structures or figures in their minds, and also visualize how these objects could be rotated, combined and changed in three dimensions means that they already have a natural affinity to STEM.

One of the most crucial skills required in careers in STEM is to be able to think spatially. In order to innovate and build, one must be able to visualize images in these ways. As your child already has a strong foundation in this ability, they will find STEM to be much easier to understand and apply than most of their peers.

2. Your child is passionate and curious about the world around them.

The constant bombardments of why’s and how’s might get on your nerves sometimes, but bear with it, this is actually a great sign that your child might have an inherent knack for a future career in STEM.

Children who are naturally curious just want to know more about the world they live in and are like natural sponges to information. Your child’s passion and curiosity of the world around them is a great catalyst to becoming a STEM innovator in the future, and nurturing them will only serve to deepen and accelerate their passion and curiosity.

3. Your child has a natural knack for problem-solving.

Sometimes, our children surprise us with spectacular and out-of-the-box solutions to problems. It is extra impressive when the idea itself is feasible! If your child does this often, and somehow always surprises you with their problem-solving abilities, they are an absolute shoo-in for a bright future in a career in STEM.

The biggest challenge the STEM industry faces is to consistently innovate and solve new problems with unique inventions and ideas. If your child does this at an early age, then nurturing this gift and building their abilities and knowledge in STEM will ensure that they will be a frontrunner in the future of this industry.

4. Your child loves to experiment.

Do you often catch your kids doing the most random things that make you question what is going on in their heads? This might seem crazy to you, but their wildly active imagination might just translate to an excellent career in STEM.

Oftentimes, children who think outside the box will act on their thoughts to test their theories out. If this wild imagination and need to act upon it is channeled into scientific outlets, it will help your children kickstart their passion even earlier.

So the next time you see your child doing weird and crazy stuff, get them an age-friendly lab kit or a science toy that they can explore while learning or send them to a camp or class that interests them.

Nurture your children for a bright future in a STEM career.

If your children are insatiably curious, have a passion for the world, or have an uncanny level of problem-solving skills for someone their age, you should do your absolute best to nurture these talents. These qualities are essential to achieve success in a career in STEM, and having them inherently at such a young age means that your children might have a huge advantage against many of their peers as they possess a natural talent. Find an Engineering For Kids location near you to learn more about current STEM program openings.

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