5 Budget Friendly Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Publish on March 3, 2022
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Every year, one of the days we spend the most money on is our children’s birthday parties. The food, the venue, the entertainment and everything else. It might be costly, but it is worth it for your kids’ happiness. However, did you know that you can achieve the same results or even better with a drastically reduced cost? You can make a truly memorable birthday for them without breaking the bank.

Here are 5 budget-friendly birthday party ideas for your kids.

1. Create decorations from what you have at home.

Birthday supplies can get quite expensive, especially if they are shopped for at the last minute. Instead, you might not have noticed but there are a ton of supplies around the house you can use. With just a little bit of imagination, the supplies you have on hand could be transformed into party supplies that feel and look special. The best thing is the costs are usually less than half of what you would pay at the store.

For example, you could paint some paper plates and tie them together. You could use rope, napkins or balloons to create a string of banners. The best way to go about it is to take inventory of what you have at home, what kind of theme you would like your kids’ birthday party to be, and what extra supplies you need to buy.

2. Create games that encourage using their imagination.

Kids have incredibly vivid imaginations. You can take advantage of that by creating games that cater to their minds. For example, you could hold a treasure hunt. Just take some garden rocks and spray paint it gold and tell the kids to find them based on clues and luck. You could also let them play games such as blind man’s bluff which is tag, except the “it” is always blindfolded. Musical chairs, charades, and duck; duck; goose are also great games that require no cost at all.

There are many games that you can introduce to the kids for hours of fun at zero cost.

3. Bake the birthday cake yourself

One of the most expensive things at a birthday party is the cake. A good one could cost a few hundred dollars! However, a homemade cake can cost as low as 10 dollars. It might not look as beautiful, but it could taste just as great, and most importantly, is handmade with love.

Not only does baking the cake yourself save you money, your kids will also highly appreciate the fact that you have done this just for them on their special day.

4. Don’t shop at the party store.

Many parents may go to party stores to buy supplies for their kids’ birthday parties. However, party stores have a tendency to mark up items that you could find elsewhere for a lower price. For example, a box of candy might be sold for $5 at the party store, but the same box of candy could be purchased for half that price in the convenience store somewhere down the road.

5. Get an educational birthday package.

Educational birthday party packages are also often beneficial but fun and engaging for kids at the same time. For example, Engineering for Kids offers a party package that will entertain the kids with hands-on engineering projects. They’ll do activities like creating and launching rockets, building boats or bridges, or even chemically engineering their own ice cream to pair perfectly with their birthday cake.

The Birthday Party package offered by Engineering for Kids includes a full 60-minute project that brings fun and education together.

Getting a budget-friendly birthday party package is sure to bring something completely fresh and new to the table and guaranteed to be a great memory for your kids and their friends for many years to come.

Quality over quantity

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your kids’ birthday party. The more expensive it is doesn’t automatically mean it is better. Instead, it is all about the quality of the experience. If you can provide something from the heart, and something that is unique, even if the costs are low, it will be a memory that will be hard to ever forget for everyone involved. If an educational birthday party is the right fit for you, contact your closest Engineering For Kids location to inquire about packages and pricing.

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