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Under Construction - The Engineering of Cities

Put on your hard hats engineers and join us for our The Engineering of Cities! In this camp, students work hard to apply their knowledge of construction to save the beach from erosion and build their very own city from the ground up. From roads and tunnels to buildings and skyscrapers, students discover that no job's too tough for an Engineering for Kids engineer! Building a city is more than roads and skyscrapers. In this camp, students explore civil, mechanical and environmental engineering. Students explore the engineering behind objects that they see every day: skyscrapers, roads, tunnels, and even cranes.

  • The Camp meets at Queen of Heaven, 1800 Steese Road, Uniontown 44685.
  • Monday July 29 to Friday August 2,
  • Class meets from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Student drop off starts at 8 am.
  • Ages: 4-8
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Wreck it Week - The Engineering of Destruction

During Wreck-it Week students will explore four fields of engineering: mechanical, civil, aerospace, and industrial as they design and construct a variety of projects that will then be used in a wrecking scenario. Smash! Crash! BOOM! Students in this camp will join Wrecking Companies for the week and will attempt to work their way up the ranks of their company from Intern to President. They will compete against other wrecking companies in various engineering-related challenges, such as building a bridge from balsawood and constructing safety mechanisms to protect a raw egg from impact. Put on your hard hats and safety goggles and join the fun!

  • The Camp will be at Queen of Heaven Parish Center, 1800 Steese Road, Uniontown 44685
  • Monday July 29 to Friday August 2
  • Class meets from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Student drop off starts at 8:00 am
  • Age: 9-14
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