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At Engineering For Kids, our camps are carefully structured to provide your child with the enrichment he or she needs to grow and thrive. Our camps run in the spring, winter, and summer for your convenience. Our programs come in many varieties to accommodate your schedule, such as half-day camps, full-day camps, and holiday break camps. We also host camps on scheduled days off for reasons such as professional work days, teacher conference days, etc.

Just a few of these beneficial opportunities include:
  • Teamwork: Most of our camps schedule fun and engaging teamwork activities that teach children the value of investing in others.
  • Resilience and motivation: Our challenging programs help to teach kids how to keep trying. This also helps them feel accomplished when they succeed, which develops their will to learn.
  • Decision-making: Our uniquely structured activities help children establish and build upon great decision-making skills, which can help build confidence.

In addition, the wide range of activities and classes that we offer encourage children to try new things, which is a beneficial skill that can be applied in several instances throughout adulthood.

Summer Camps

We are looking for sites to hold day camps for the summer of 2019. If you would like to host a camp at your location, please contact us as soon as you can.

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Kids Building RobotsEach day typically consists of two 3-hour camps, one held in the morning and another in the afternoon. Afternoon session topics are different than the morning’s session. You decide what is best for your child - morning or afternoon session, or both, and number of weeks.

Summer Engineering Camp Descriptions

Child Enjoying Summer CampAgent of Change
Superheroes have amazing powers and limitless energy…what about the rest of us? Can we use wind and water to produce electricity? How can we harness power to help others? These questions and more are explored as students team up to create their own lab and investigate energy sources and harnesses power. Be an Agent of Change and learn to capture wind and create light.

Engineer Investigators
Become a Forensic Engineer and help Kelvin find out who stole the blueprints of his secret, new design. Using principles of Investigative Science and Forensic engineering, students will analyze evidence in a simulate crime scene using math, science and technology. Embark on new journey each day to decipher cryptic clues and biological codes and help identify the thief through chemical and mechanical analysis.

Building Cities
Do you have what it takes to engineer a magnificent city from an inhabitable environment? During this camp, students form their very own construction crew and work together as a team to build a city from the ground up. Crews design essential urban structures, develop processes to purify water and generate their own power. Join up with a crew to compete in challenges designed to test the strength of your designs in Building Cities.

Child Creating Food FactoryFood Factory
Create your very own food production company in this appetizing camp where students explore where our food come from, and how it gets from the farm to the table. Students team up in a competition to unlock the secrets of designing and distributing delicious desserts! Grab an apron and join the fun as we compete to create mouth-watering tools and treats!

Sail The Seas
Avast, me maties! Hop aboard and join the crew as students work together to design a ship, sail the sea and be the first to find buried treasure. During this week, students will explore the ideas of buoyancy and surface area as they design their pirate ships, set sail, and retrieve sunken the treasure! So what do you say; Are ye’ ready to sail the seas?

Electronic Game Design
What’s more fun than playing an interactive video game? Writing one!Video sensing allows students to design and program their own video games and then test them by interacting with the program via webcam. In this Scratch program, students work together to create their own games, art, and musical instruments while exploring coding foundations. Get up and get moving with Engineering for Kids and Scratch: Video Sensing!

Kids Having Fun Making RobotsRobotics 101
This program uses LEGO ® Robotics MINDSTORMS® , and is designed to introduce students to the principles of robotics, computer programming, and teamwork. Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination and critical thinking skills to design, program and control fully functional robotic models that will accomplish specific tasks by using software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions such as hitting a ping-pong ball, pushing an opponent’s robot out of a sumo ring, competing in a game of tug of war, and more.

Programming RoboticsRobotics - Mission to Mars
LEGO® Mission Mars curriculum is designed to introduce students to the world of not only building, but also programming basic robots. Throughout this course the students will explore different ways in which a robot could be utilized to explore a distant planet.