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Owners | Chris and Claudette Pearson

Engineering for Kids Broward (EFK) is owned and operated by Chris and Claudette Pearson. They became involved with Engineering for Kids Broward when they realized there continues to be a shortfall in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education.

Chris has worked in the telecommunications industry for over twenty years and holds degrees in Electronics Engineering and Information Technology. Claudette works as a construction Project Manager and Project Engineer. Both have a passion for teaching and technology and looked for the right opportunity to combine the two. They have been involved with children and teaching for over 20 years.

Chris and Claudette recognized that the key to steering and nurturing critical thinking within their own children was intentional and early exposure to technology as well as hands-on engineering skills. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they realized that students and parents would have some academic gaps that Engineering For Kids would fill. EFK could also unearth some dormant or new skills that kids did not realize they had.

Chris and Claudette understand that a passion for engineering begins very early for children, and the sooner they are exposed to the basic concepts that engineers use every day the easier it will be for them to grasp more complicated concepts later. EFK sets out to eliminate barriers and misconceptions about STEM for kids and parents.

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Out of This World Reviews

Jo P.

It's fun and educational, it provides opportunities to kids and teaches them about life.

Sang K.

It's like a playground for their mind!

Kyleigh T.

Engineering For Kids classes are so fun and you get to learn new things about engineering each day.

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