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Field Trips

Field Trips at Engineering For Kids of Chicago's Western Suburbs

We Present Fun, New Ways of Learning

Field trips provide some of the best memories for kids because they help to give our children the opportunity to explore new concepts, meet new people, and try new things, all while creating and building relationships. In addition, students are more likely to remember what they learn from field trips and special presentations, thanks to the excitement and change in routine.

The Benefits of Our Field Trips

At Engineering For Kids, our educators are happy to coordinate field trips that are educational and fun! We work with teachers and schools all over the world to help create the most enjoyable learning experiences for kids.

  • Our field trips benefit students, parents, and teachers in a variety of ways:
  • New faces are likely to keep students energized and attentive throughout the program.
  • Classroom teachers may learn new educational activities and techniques
  • The shared experience can facilitate socializing and even establish friendships
  • Students love seeing new things and learning about them in a different way
  • Hands-on activities can give students a better grasp of concepts
  • Presentations often include multimedia experiences to enforce new material in different ways
  • Field trips are designed to stimulate curiosity and knowledge-seeking

We take the time to learn more about our children’s curriculum so we can coordinate a field trip that integrates their experience with what they are learning. Our creative educators have a knack for presenting information in new and different ways to keep students engaged and entertained while they soak up new ideas and concepts.

For your peace of mind and ours, we like to keep our field trip groups small to ensure careful supervision at all times and to make sure your child gets the most out of the experience!

Interested in scheduling a field trip or learning more about our programs? Call us today!

Skip the expense of renting a School Bus and let Engineering For Kids visit your school or scouting event for some fun, hands-on engineering fun! There are lots of program options available. Cost is dependent on number of participants and enrichment opportunity selected. Give us a call to learn more or to schedule your event.

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Out of This World Reviews

  • "Justin LOVES these classes!"

    - Tricia N.
  • "Our kids had a great time today at Engineering for Kids"

    - Sara B.
  • "He couldn't wait for camp to start and is looking forward to more classes"

    - Halie T.