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After School Classes at Engineering For Kids of Denver

After-School 2018 Spring Minecraft & Robotics Engineering Workshops

Located at Streets of SouthGlenn, Centennial, CO & Select Independent and local elementary schools.

Engineering for Kids offers quality after-school activities for kids who love to build and solve problems - and parents who want their children to develop a love for critical thinking, exploring and innovating.

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If you would like to see Engineering for Kids at your elementary or middle school please give us a call at 720-613-2821.

Spring 2018 After School Workshops

SouthGlenn Location - After School Programs:

Minecraft Edu & Minecraft Modding Workshops-

Each session of MinecraftEdu Mods/Worlds includes lessons within our private server to explore Engineering challenges, basic programming with ComputerCraft and good ole Minecraft Learning fun! Don't miss this great opportunity to build, learn basic Minecraft concepts and basic programming! We will just begin to understand the powers of building in Minecraft and how we can apply it to real Engineering!

Minecraft Modding Courses include coding Mods for your personal Minecraft Server and using your Minecraft Account. Some Modding Courses will also include six-months acess to Code Kingdom Coding Platform. Please remember to bring your Minecraft Account information to class so you can code your own mods.

No experience necessary, although if you have experience, our instructors will work with you to ensure you are learning and expanding your skill set.

Students will be divided into 2 general age groups: 6 - 8 & 9 - 14

Robotics Workshops:

Ages 9 - 14:

Join us after-school for six week of Robotics Workshop featuring LEGO® EV3 Mindstorm Robotics Challenges.

This session is fully dedicated to Mindstorm Robotics - where students will experience the best in robotics design and visual programming. Experienced instructors will lead students through solving real-world based problems and overcome fun challenges with the EV3 Mindstorm Robot.

Don't miss this great opportunity to combine Engineering Experiences in Minecraft Edu - with real world Robotics builds, challenges and programming!

Ages 6 - 8

Students will build independently with LEGO® Education based robots. Instructors will lead students through building mechanisms using gears, motors and sensors, then apply simple programming logic to make them move, dance and make sounds! Instructors will present engineering basics, core aspects of simple machines and the basics of coding.

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