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Scouts at Engineering For Kids of Greater Richmond

Let Us Help Your Scout Group Earn Their Badges

Engineering For Kids is proud to offer a variety of activities for girl scout troops and boy scout troops. Our uniquely designed programs are designed to help young troop members earn their merits by participating in activities that allow them to earn various badges!

We’re happy to host workshops, camps, and other fun programs to help various troops achieve:
  • Girl Scout Daisy Badges
  • Girl Scout Brownie Badges
  • Girl Scout Junior Badges
  • Girl Scout Cadet Badges
  • Tiger Cub Scout Badges
  • Wolf Cub Scout Badges
  • Bear Cub Scout Badges
  • Webelos Scout Badges

From half-day camps to special events, our experienced educators are fully equipped with the tools, kits, and ideas to ensure that everyone in your troop has a great time.

Call your local Engineering For Kids to learn more about our girl scout and boy scout events!

Workshops to Help Cub Scouts Earn Their Badges

Our engineering workshops let boy scouts design, construct, and test their own creations and explain how they work. Depending on what they create, they can earn an architecture badge, an engineering badge, a robotics badge, or even a programming badge. We also offer environmental science badges, nuclear science badges, composite materials badges, and more at countless camp locations!

Offering Girl Scouts the Chance to Earn Their Badges

We proudly offer a variety of fun and educational activities that give young girl scouts the opportunity to earn badges in technology, invention, innovation, digital arts, and science! We also offer robotics badges, detective badges, cooking badges, animal badges, and performance badges at many of our locations!

Why Choose Engineering For Kids for Your Next Scout Adventure?

At Engineering For Kids, we provide all of the activity materials needed for the perfect scout adventure. Our projects are structured to encourage teamwork and learning in a fun way that also incorporates the outdoors.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our scout camps and after-school activities! Call us today!


Greater Richmond and Charlottesville Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

“Thanks for the wonderful program that you put on for the Webelos of Cub Scout Pack 2874. The boys absolutely loved learning about engineering careers, drawing blueprints, and building their own catapults! They are excited to earn theirengineering adventure pin at our Pack meeting next week! I will definitely recommend RVA Engineering for Kids to other Cub Scout packs...I am also the leader of my daughter's Brownie troop. We would love to plan something for them for next year!"

- Allison G, Troop Leader, Scout Pack 2874 (April 2017)

Scout Workshops for the Engineering Activity Badge

Electrical Engineering - Construct a simple working electrical circuit using a flashlight battery, a switch, and a light.
Civil Engineering - Make drawings of three kinds of bridges and explain their differences. Construct a model bridge of your choice.
Mechanical Engineering - Build a catapult and show how it works.

Hosting Engineering for Kids at our center or at your meeting location!

  • We do all the work! Supplies, set up, clean up!
  • Knowledgable instructors guide your scouts to success
  • Available for girl and boy scouts aged 4 to 14 with age-appropriate lessons
  • One time workshops for scouts to earn their engineering badge
  • 4-, 6-, and 8-week sessions also available
  • We follow your badge instructions to a tee

Scouts With Engineering For KidsBoys Scouts With Engineering For Kids

Contact us or call us at (804) 265-4615 to book your session(s) or for more information!