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Parties at Engineering For Kids of Regina

Hosting Action-Packed Enrichment Events!

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your child’s birthday truly special or you want to host a fun end-of-the-school-year party for his or her class, Engineering For Kids can help. Our educators have everything you need to throw the perfect party to celebrate a birthday or any occasion. We can entertain your guests with fun, hands-on activities that are sure to be a hit!

Why Choose Us for Your Next Party?

Hosting an enrichment-filled party is a great way for your child to:
  • Engage in social activities
  • Have a great time while developing new interests
  • Recognize the fun of learning
  • Build self-esteem
Feel free to call or fill out our online contact form and inquire about the packages and themes we have to offer!

Engineering For Kids

Create A Perfect Engineering Themed Birthday Party With EFK Regina!

  • 6 new birthday party themes for 2015/2016
  • 60-120 minute party packages
  • designed for 10-12 kids

Step 1: Request a date and a location.

  • Host a party in your home
  • Have EFK book a facility

Step 2: Choose your birthday party package.

Isaac Newton Party Package - $195 + GST (60 Min Party)

  • One 60 minute Engineering Activity for up to 10 children ($10/additional child)
  • One or two staff members to run the Engineering activity
  • Printable party invitations
  • One Engineering for Kids t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl

Thomas Edison Party Package - $245 + GST (90 Min Party)

Includes the Isaac Newton Party Package for up to 10 children ($12/additional child), PLUS:

  • One 30 minute add-on activity

Step 3: Select your 60 minute theme/activity.

  • LEGO® Robotics Gear Up- Our most popular birthday party activity! Party guests will build a robot and battle against their friends in SUMOBOTS (Ages 6+)
  • LEGO Jr Robotics- Designed for our Jr Engineers (Ages 4-6), party-goers will build their choice of robot and program them with LEGO WeDo software.
  • Frozen Kingdom- Like Elsa in Frozen, party guests will discover their icy powers as they create frozen flub.
  • Blast Off Rockets- Work as an aeronautical engineer to build and test your very own straw rocket.
  • Candy Catapults- Learn about projectiles and launch angles as you build and test your candy catapult, an activity from mechanical engineering.
  • Bottle Rockets- Designed for our older engineers (Ages 7+), you will design and construct a bottle rocket that will be launched into the sky with compressed air. (May-September parties only)

Step 4: Choose 30 minute add-on activities (if applicable).

  • Secret Inkers (Chemical)-Spies use secret messages to make contact and to share information. In this activity, party guests write their own spy messages and use chemical engineering to uncover the message and discover the secrets found within.
  • Under Construction (Civil)-During this activity, party guests learn how skyscrapers are built and they use that knowledge to construct their very own skyscraper just like a civil engineer.
  • Roller Coaster Creations (Mechanical)-Design and build your own mini roller coaster and test using a marble!
  • Play Dough Factory (Chemical)-Party guests will make their own play dough mixture and perfect it using flour, salt, and water.
  • Ice Cream Factory (Chemical/Industrial) Turning water to ice is a neat trick but turning milk and cream into ice cream is cool and tasty! In this birthday part activity, party guests will make their own ice cream -- no machine or freezer required.
  • Baker's Delight (Environmental)-Everyone loves a sweet treat, even plants! In this activity, party guests create their own tasty soil. Yum! (Don’t worry. Instead of dirt and rocks, we’ll use pudding and cookies.) Get ready to dig in!

Party packages start at $195+gst. Please contact us at or (306) 900-2953 for specific package details and booking procedures.