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Whether you’re looking for a way to make your child’s birthday truly special or you want to host a fun end-of-the-school-year party for his or her class, Engineering For Kids can help. Our educators have everything you need to throw the perfect party to celebrate a birthday or any occasion. We can entertain your guests with fun, hands-on activities that are sure to be a hit!

Why Choose Us for Your Next Party?

Hosting an enrichment-filled party is a great way for your child to:

  • Engage in social activities
  • Have a great time while developing new interests
  • Recognize the fun of learning
  • Build self-esteem

Feel free to call or fill out our online contact form and inquire about the packages and themes we have to offer!

Engineering For Kids of Minneapolis Party Packages

We are now accepting Birthday Party bookings!

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Have fun and learn engineering at one of our birthday parties!

Engineering For Kids® parties will entertain your guests with hands-on engineering projects! Invite your friends for a fun, action packed party that is sure to thrill all who attend!

BUILD YOUR PARTY! Creating your child’s perfect party is easy…

  1. Choose your location: party can be held in your home or another location of your choice – minimum 15 sq ft of party space
  2. Choose your date/time: Allow 1 1/2 hours for party (60-minute activity + snack time and opening gifts); will need more time for add-on activities
  3. Choose your theme ($200 for Basic 60-min activity for 10 kids):
  • Chem-E Girl Party
  • Sweet Shoppe Party
  • Ooey, Gooey Fun Party
  • Robotics Gear-Up Party!
  • Spy Sense Party
  • Mining Party
  • Frozen Kingdom Party
  • Blast Off Party
  • Race to the Finish Party

Each party includes:

  • One 60-min Engineering Activity
  • Engineering For Kids® t-shirt for the birthday child
  • Printable invitations
  • f=Free use of our Birthday Banner during the party

4. Optional: Choose one or more 30-minute party add-ons, see options below

5. Optional: Choose party extras

  • Goody bags – $5
  • Engineering For Kids® t-shirt – $10

If you are interested in having an Engineering For Kids® Birthday Party, contact us.

Themes and Activities

Chem-E Girl’s Fabulous Party

60 minute activity: Lipgloss and Ice Cream – Be ready for this lip-smacking activity where you make your own lip gloss then make your own ice cream for a truly sweet finish!

Sweet Shoppe Party

60 minute activity: Ice Cream + A Recipe for Soil (Dirt & Worms) – Satisfy your sweet tooth making these 2 yummy concoctions for a truly sweet party!
30 minute add-on: Restore the Reef – Coral reefs surround beaches and are scenes of extreme beauty. During this activity, party guests re-create their own edible coral reef complete with sea urchins, coral, clams, and octopi.

Ooey, Gooey Fun Party

60 minute activity: Flub & Oobleck- Party guests will combine liquids and a solid to make a polymer: Flub. Then they will be introduced to a non-Newtonian fluid, and make their own Oobleck.
30 minute add-on: Ice Cream Factory – Turning water to ice is a neat trick but turning milk and cream into ice cream is cool and tasty! In this birthday party activity, party guests will make their own ice cream — no machine or freezer required.

Robotics: Gear Up!

60 minute activity: Sumobots – party guests build battle robots to push the opponent’s robot outside of the Sumo Ring utilizing various sensors and LEGO® pieces.
30 minute add-on: Hungry, Hungry Robots – party guests work together to design and program a robot to gather as many objects as possible.
30 minute add-on: Tug of War – Party guests go head to head in this fun and competitive Tug-o-War game using LEGO® robots.

Spy Sense

60 minute activity: Ultrasonic Hide and Seek – You are a spy for the secret Kelvin Society and there’s a mad scientist who is trying to find you and steal the secrets of the Kelvin Society. Your task is to design a LEGO® robot that can hide far away from an enemy bot that will try and locate you. Can you successfully elude the enemy?
30 minute add-on: Secret Inkers – Spies use secret messages to make contact and to share information. In this activity, party guests write their own spy messages and use chemical engineering to uncover the message and discover the secrets found within.
30 minute add-on: Blimp Blitz – Spies are known for being cunning and stealthy. During the Civil War, blimps were used as spying devices. In this activity, guests design their own spy blimp and work to make it neutrally buoyant so that it can float at the ideal altitude to spy on the enemy.

Mining Party

60 minute activity:Robot Chopper – When players first begin, they have no supplies and must harvest their resources such as wood and trees. In this activity, party guests use the LEGO® EV3 robots to design a program and an ax that can help them chop down trees.
30 minute add-on: Sweet Skyscrapers – After party guests have gathered their resources, they work to expand their world by constructing buildings and bridges
30 minute add-on: Mining Mountains – Finally, once players have gathered resources and built structures, they can begin mining diamonds. This activity helps reinforce the ingenuity and patience it takes to mine those diamonds.

Frozen Kingdom

60 minute activity: Flub – In this activity, we are going to discover ice powers of our own. Party guests will combine liquids and a solid to make a polymer: flub. To test our new magical powers, we’ll play a snowman relay race.
30 minute add-on: Hot and Cold – Having the power to turn water into ice can get you into real trouble; especially if you can’t thaw the ice. In this activity, party guests work like chemical engineers to combine room-temperature materials to create their own instant feeling of winter. ?Then, everyone knows that summer makes a happy snowman, so party guests observe a demonstration where the teachers design a recipe for instant summer.
30 minute add-on: Ice Cream Factory – Turning water to ice is a neat trick but turning milk and cream into ice cream is cool and tasty! In this birthday party activity, party guests will make their own ice cream — no machine or freezer required.

Blast-Off Party

60 minute activity: 3…2…1…Blast Off! – Students will have the ability to design their own pneumatically driven rocket and the fins that stabilize the flight of the rocket.
30 minute add-on: Lift Off – Taking cues from aerospace engineering, the Lift Off Activity will focus on the chemical reactions that occur between two inert substances, water and calcium carbonate. Students have the chance to design their own aerodynamic body gear for a small model rocket and test their unique chemical propellant in a multi-phase process.
30 minute add-on: Lunar Lander – Students will build their own custom “Lunar Lander” to protect their space cadet marshmallows from being ejected from their space craft.

Race to the Finish Party

60 minute activity: Dragsters – Love fast cars and the need for speed? In our dragster party, guests will design, build, and race their dragsters using our high powered air launcher! There will be plenty of time to challenge your friends and make design changes to be the first one to reach the checkered flag! Party guests will get to keep their dragsters.
30 minute add-on: Roller Coasters – In this mechanical engineering activity, kids will work in teams to build the fastest roller coaster.
30 minute add-on: Vehicle Crash Test – Taking cues from mechanical engineering, kids have the chance to design their own vehicle to protect a delicate passenger.


Basic Party:

$200 includes a 60- min activity for 10 kids; $12@ additional child


$60 for @30-min activity for 10 kids; $4@ additional child per activity

  • $100 deposit required to hold spot
  • Balance due day of party
  • Deposit refundable up to two weeks before party date
  • Call (763) 703-1759 for availability.
  • Travel fees may apply.

If you are interested in having an Engineering For Kids® Birthday Party, contact us.

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