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Come Engineer Some Fun With Us! 

As a parent, you're probably asking what makes us different, and we're glad you're asking! Engineering for Kids isn't simply about building robots (although we do design and build with LEGO® Education robotic kits)! We also take ordinary, every day items and transform them into fun, engaging, hands-on learning projects: a plastic bottle becomes an awesome rocket, we construct hot air balloons that fly with the help of some craft supplies, and we create music from cardboard! We want girls and boys to look at the world through Engineering Eyes, to see a plastic straw and think, "What can I make with that?" We want to foster their natural curiosity and fearlessness to see what their incredible minds can create and as an added bonus, students are able to keep most of their creations, providing hours of additional exploration at home!


Engineering For Kids Curriculum!

Our projects are developed by professional teachers in conjunction with engineering specialists in order to utilize Science concepts, Technology, Engineering design and principles, and Mathematics throughout each and every lesson and our curriculum meets specific national standards in STEM: Science (NSES), Technology & Engineering (ITEEA), and Mathematics (NCTM). We pride ourselves on continuously ensuring our programs and classes stay current, meet strict safety requirements, actively engage students both mentally and physically, and encourage students to think creatively and intelligently. You can rest assured we will provide your children with challenging, fun, and relevant projects designed to enhance their learning and skill sets for a productive future!

Children of all abilities are welcome so please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns and let us know how we can help! Check out our Classes and Camps for more information of what we do best and to find a location nearest to you. If you'd like to see video reels of our students in action, please click on the following link: http://engineeringforkids.net/programs.