Engineering For Kids of Greater Philadelphia Area Change Location



We are pleased to announce that Engineering For Kids is offering full and partial scholarships to our week long summer camps. To apply for a summer camp scholarship, students are required to submit the information below by April 15th and winners will be notified by May 15th.

  1. Name, age, address, school and parent contact information.
  2. A short essay (500 word limit) explaining why s/he wants to take our program.
  3. A brief letter of recommendation from a teacher or principal at the student’s school.

Applications are due by April 15th and can be emailed to

Note: Selection is merit based. Engineering for Kids - GreaterPhila franchise holds all the rights on number of scholarships, criteria for selection & cancellation of the program. We will allocate camps to deserving candidates depending on enrollment, but please feel free to indicate your preference.