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2020 Summer Camps at Engineering For Kids

STEM with Us this Summer!

The Fun, Educational Summer Camp Your Child Is Bound to Enjoy!
Let your imagination run wild this summer with our STEMSummer Camps!
Drones, Coding, Minecraft EDU, 3D Printing, Robotics, Junior Inventors, and much more!
Jump into 5 days of jam-packed adventure!
EFK offers a diverse selection of themed camps to give your child the summer of a lifetime.
Keep their growing minds engaged, even when schools out!

Find your inner engineer through innovation, collaboration, and play with EFK!

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Juniors: Age 4 - 7
Apprentice: Ages 8 - 15

  • Morning: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Afternoon: 1:00 – 4:00 pm
  • Full Day: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • (Lunch supervision 12:00 – 1:00 pm)
  • Note: No charge 30 minutes early drop-off and late pick-up

Juniors Camps: Ages 4 - 7

Dino Bots

Together we will foster a love of science, exploration, and nature!

electronic dinosaur built out of legos Our young camper will play and learn with Lego WeDo and get a unique opportunity to revive the prehistoric world!

We introduce children to the classification of dinosaurs, when they lived, why they disappeared, the periods of the prehistoric world and more. Give your children an unforgettable camp journey into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs!

Junior Robotics with Edison: Program, Learn and Play!

child playing and designing a science experiment on a ipad Edison is a versatile bot that opens students’ imagination. Campers can make use of Edison’s Lego-compatible pegs and a handful of sensors to solve a variety of problems.

Edison can respond to barcodes to perform various predefined tasks or be programmed using a computer using one of a few different languages. We focus on using EdScratch, a block-based programming language that looks and feels like Scratch but is customized for Edison.

Wild Animals: Lego Wedo Robotics

lego alligator This class is a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO® WeDo™ Robots. Using LEGO® bricks, students build a hungry alligator, a flying bird, and a roaring lion. They also learn how to program and operate their creations using a laptop computer.

Spy Training Camp

Do you love solving mysteries and looking for clues? cartoon graphic of sky holding a magnifier glass
This is Your Camp!

Kids become cadets in a Spy Training Academy and solve daily mysteries. Along the way, they explore disguises, secret codes, spy gadgets, disappearing ink, chromatography, fingerprint analysis, forensic chemistry, sign language, secret compartments, night vision, spy cameras and so much more! This camp encourages learning in chemistry, physics, engineering, biology, forensics, creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork

Junior Inventors

A week of fun, creativity, and of course -- Engineering! child sitting next to hand made robot

Over the course of a week, students will invent new machines and explore creative design solutions using the Engineering Design Process.

Design your own Drawing Robot, make your own Playdough, build your own operation game, and use your Tinker Box to invent something new.

We encourage learning that fosters students’ creativity, courage, and curiosity through open-ended challenges in the fields of STEM, fine arts, and learning.

The sky’s the limit when you bring your imagination to the table!

Fun Foundations: Dream Big, Build Bigger!

child building a structure of rockets Come discover the fascinating world of engineering! Campers are challenged to create various builds using the engineering design process.

Build the strongest bridge, the most accurate catapult, and the tallest tower. We will finish with a blast, kids design, build, and launch their own bottle rockets!

Campers are encouraged to embrace challenges with a great deal of humour, curiosity, and courage because we believe that problem solving with a positive attitude fosters immense creativity. Let your imagination run wild!

Junior Adventure and Discovery! Engineering for Kids - Astronaut logo

Explore the skies, mix your Crazy Concoctions, and jump into 5 days of jam-packed adventure!

Campers will discover the fascinating world of chemical engineering as they out on the lab coats and make their own playdough, slime, and bubbles.

The young astronauts will get ready for the big space adventure as they design, build, and launch their bottle rockets over 100 ft into the air.

Find your inner engineer through innovation, collaboration, and play !

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Juniors: Age 4 - 7

Apprentice Camps: Ages 8 - 15

Drones Camp

Take to the skies!

child flying a drone Housing a thrilling, hands-on aerial robotics platform, this camp is the perfect introduction to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In this indoor camp, safety is a priority as students learn to code their drones to accomplish cool challenges such as flipping forwards and backward!

Campers master basic piloting skills, construct an obstacle course to fly through and stage a final race to showcase their cumulative knowledge. Putting critical thinking to the test, the camp also has students brainstorm ways drones could be used for good, sketching out their ideas for new and innovative drones and drone uses.

App Development using JavaScript

Ready to build and share crazy fun apps! graphic of phone showing fun apps that are great for kids and stem

App design has exploded over the past 5 years due to lower costs and easier access to essential tools, so give your engineer the knowledge to stay ahead in today’s technological society. Join this unique experience in which you get to code in JavaScript, test, and create your own apps in real-time using an easy-to-understand format. The best part about this week is that they’ll be able to save their created apps right to their (or your own) devices for play anywhere, anytime!

Agent of Travel

Pack your bags and let's map out our trip around the world!

child wearing a box on head that looks like an astronaut Over 100 years ago, airplanes had not even made their first flight, yet today we can fly to the other side of the world in 12 hours! Over the next five days, teams will work together to see who can travel the farthest around the world.

This trip around the world will require students to design their very own cars, planes, and even a ROCKET!

Our camps give students a meaningful, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of engineering and design-thinking methodology; challenging them to collaborate with their fellow campers to create solutions to real-world problems.

Mechatronics Master Minds: Young Inventors!

child built robot carThis summer our campers will build, create, and invent as they explore the basics of mechatronics engineering, logic-based programming using littleBits and Arduino. They will work together to design gadgets, tools, and machines from self-driving vehicles and art machines to a Chain Reaction Contraption.

Our mission is to empower everyone to create and invent.

Sphero Robotics and Coding

Do you love robots and have a passion for coding and adventure? This is YOUR camp!child playing coding game on an ipad

The young engineers will program and code their robots to complete awesome activities.

Program a painting. Navigate a maze. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party… The only limit is your imagination.

We thrive to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention!

3D Modeling & Creations: Imagine. Design. Create.

3D Printing has taken the world by storm!

3 printerThis innovative new camp brings your ideas to life and allows everyday users to create nearly anything they can imagine. Have a cool idea for an invention? Why not print it! Design anything and together we make it a reality. This camp encourages an open-ended design concept.

Explore the concepts of 3D printing and computer-aided design to bring your own creations to life!

Design a model in preparation for real 3D printing! Take it home and show off your creations to all your friends! The fun doesn’t end when camp does; Continue to improve your skills at home using the same TinkerCAD modeling software you learned at camp with 24/7 access!!

Hackers Unite! “Video Game Design” and a crash course in BBC micro:bit.!

What’s more fun than playing video games? Designing them! child imagining video game design in her mind, images of remote controls and video game images

Discover how to create animations, stories, and games. Participants will be introduced to 2D animations using Scratch 3.0 programming and will explore Microbits and Game Design using platforms such as Tynker and Grok Learning.

Get a solid foundation in coding and programming, learning how to use conditional loops, variables live video and gestures to interact with virtual game elements. The FUN doesn’t stop here, keep your skills sharp with our take-home program. Play & build from home!

EV3 Robotic Games Summer Camp

Warm-up your bots - The Robo Games are in Calgary!

robots that children builtDo you love Lego? Do you love robots and have a passion for adventure?

This is YOUR camp!

Build, wire, and program your own robot to compete in various games. Customize and program your robot to complete an obstacle course and challenge other team robots in the ultimate Sumo Bot Battle! Learn valuable skills in coding, problem-solving, and engineering while designing your robot to meet every challenge. LEARN, PROGRAM and PLAY!

The Theme Park Mania: MinecraftEDU

This camp is designed to introduce students to the concepts of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and the Engineering Design Process. chlld playing minecraft on a computer

Students will design simulation roller coasters and other amusement park attractions in Minecraft making them run as autonomously as possible.

Our camps give students a meaningful, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of technology and design-thinking methodology; challenging them to collaborate with their fellow campers to create solutions to real-world problems.

Master Machines: Explore the world of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering!

kids science experiment with sticks, wheels, and magnetsCampers get your thinking hats on, you are introduced to the concepts of circuit design, building, and testing through various hands-on engineering activities. You will use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and improve a variety of machines and mechanical systems.

The young engineers will design, build, and test electric magnets and flashlights. ] The fun continues as they explore the concept of force, trajectory, and friction through designing and building hydraulic arms, launchers, rubber band racers and more! The best part, you take home all your builds to share with family and friends.

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Apprentice: Ages 8 - 15


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Find your inner engineer through innovation, collaboration, and play with EFK!

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